Japan 8 days Self drive in Central Region – Day 6 – Mt Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture

Japan 8 days Self Drive in Central Region – Day 6 – Mt Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture 

Matsumoto Castle

This morning we checked out early from our hotel and went to visit the Matsumoto Castle. Matsumoto Castle is one of the oldest castle in Japan, it is also called “Crow Castle” due to its black exterior.  To a foreigner, all castle look pretty much the same in Japan.   However each castle has their own unique side.  When I was studying in Kumamoto, I was told by my lecturer, the Kumamoto Castle is famous for it high stone wall.  For unique feature of Mastumoto Castle, it was built on the plain rather than a hill and it is black color on it exterior.

In Japan there are many castle in the whole island.  But only few castles were given the grade of national treasure in Japan, and Matsumoto castle and Kumamoto castle were on the list.   I have been to Kumamoto Castle and Mastumoto Castle and these castle look more grand and spectacular than the rest of the castles in Japan.

Most Castles in Japan are popular cherry blossom spot, the picture above show the outer castle moat, it is a great photos opportunity especially during spring time when all cherry blossom started to bloom.  Too bad we were there in the month of November, no cherry blossom but the moat area still looking very beautiful with the leafless sakura trees.  As I walked along the moat area, I felt a strong sense of autumn feeling.

Lake Yamanaka

We stopped by Lake Yamanaka for lunch, the meal cost more than other places probably because it is a touristic spot.  In total there are 5 lakes that lie by the foot of Mt Fuji, Lake Yamanaka is one of them.  We choose Lake Yamanaka because it is on our way to tonight hotel.

This is an area where some Japanese families have second homes, due to its outstanding natural beauty and scenery.  I remembered many years back when I was still a student in Japanese language school in Tokyo, I stayed with a host family in Funabashi town, the host mother told me they have a holiday home in this area.  The lake oversees by the magnificent Mt Fuji and it make a great view!

Due to the freezing weather, we did not go for the boat paddling in Yamanake Lake.  The lunch portion at the Yamanaka Lake was too small for us so we stopped by a convenience stall to buy something to eat again.  Below picture was taken beside a convenience stall. Convenience stall also known as “Kobini” in Japanese, which can be found almost anywhere, strong competition between Lawson, 7 eleven and Family Mart.  We love exploring these kobini everyday to get Japanese snack, onigiri/rice ball, bento, salad, mochi, all the interesting Japanese food items. The best part was there are many parking lots available,  unlike the convenience stall in Taiwan, no parking lots available! How inconvenient.

Hotel Mt.Fuji, Yamanashi

We choose to stay in Hotel Mt.Fuji simply because it is a resort hotel located on a hill overlooking Lake Yamanaka and Mt Fuji.  The hotel is located in Yamanashi Prefecture.

This is definitely a good place to see uninterrupted view for Mt Fuji if you have a car as the hotel is located on top of a hill.  It is not accessible if you go on foot from the main road, the steep road to the hotel is just too much to handle even though you are walking without the backpack.

We can also see the Yamanaka lake from Mt Fuji Hotel garden, the garden was beautifully decorated with many lights to be light up at night as Christmas season was around the corner.

Some video to show around the hotel, only 15 secs because I uploaded in my instagram earlier.  The sun was very glaring at the time we took this video clip.

Sorry for the shaky hands and take some motion pills before you open up this video clip. You may get dizzy!

Hotel room was a bit old and the restaurant is expensive but we were here for the Mt Fuji view so I should not complain any further.

Below is the Mt Fuji view from our hotel room balcony.  Statistic shows Mt.Fuji is relatively visible during winter season. (December – February)  We were lucky we were here in the end of November, we could see clearly of Mt Fuji.

Within minutes, the Mr Fuji turned into orange golden colors. It was simply amazing and really beautiful!

Hotel Mt.Fuji provide hot spring, we soaked happily in the hot spring before we went to bed.

Day 6 – Itinerary

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