Japan 8 days self drive in Central Region – Day 8 – Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Hakone Hotel Kowakien

This hotel is well located in a beautiful garden.  It was very pleasant to walk around the huge garden and admire the beautiful scenery early morning after we woke up.

It was very nice to see the leaves changed it color and started to fall, getting into the real cold winter.  I still manage to see some little “koyo”/red leaves on top of these trees.

The weather was lovely, it was a sunny morning and a perfect place to stroll around in this beautiful garden.

Below picture is entrance to a observatory tower, we did not get to go as we find the mountain track was a bit challenging for us.

On our way to Nagoya, we stopped by at one of the photo spot overseeing Mt Fuji.  What a great feeling.

Took one last snap of close up of magnificent Mt Fuji, Japan highest and most prominent mountain.  Japanese has a saying, “A person who climbs Mt Fuji once in his lifetime is a wise man”.

Toyota Museum

We headed to Japan’s leading car manufacturer, Toyota and it headquarters is in a town called TOYOTA city in east of Nagoya.  However we wanted to visit the Toyota Automobile Museum which is located in Nagakute City, less than an hour drive to Nagoya city.  We were glad to find big parking space outside the museum.

Before entering the Toyota Museum, there is an old blue school bus.

Toyota Automobile museum exhibits Japanese, European and American automobiles since the late 1800s.

The museum features many cars from other european manufactures such as Alfa Romeo and Delorean.

This museum has very beautiful collection of all the classic cars and the old cars are still in very good condition and look stunning new.  I noticed these old cars were kept properly cleaned and polished.  I think you still can drive these cars!  It would be so cool to see these cars on the road again.

There were a few historical european cars that quite give me a surprise too.

In total there were 3 floors to showcase all the generation of the cars, from classic to modern days.

Before we exit the museum, there is a small room showcasing all the old tvs, telephones, sewing machines used in the 70s.  I remembered my mom used to have that black sewing machine and made me many beautiful dresses when I was a little girl.

The collection of cars here is incredible, I am not really a car lover but I think the Toyota museum trip was definitely worthwhile.  Strongly recommended.

Meitetsu Inn Chitahandaeki

We stayed in Meitetsu Inn, it is a business hotel near to the train station and shopping mall.  The hotel parking lots were very limited but they have other parking lots which is located a bit far, which I find a bit inconvenient. The hotel room was very small but quite clean and comfortable.  We had the Japanese curry rice for breakfast before rushing to Nagoya Airport the next morning.  It only took us less than half an hour to reach the Nagoya Airport.

Day 8 – Itinerary

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