Eastern Europe Day 11 – Kehlsteinhaus, Eagle Nest Germany

Holiday Home for Hilter

We only have half a day to play with, so we decided to explore Eagle Nest in Obersalzberg near the town of Berchtesgaden in Germany.  It took roughly about 40 mins to 1 hour to reach Eagle Nest.

Eagle Nest was built as a vacation home for Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday present but Hitler only visited the place 14 times.

There are special red buses to go up Eagle Nest. Normal buses or cars are not allowed to drive in. The 6 km mountain road were built in only 13 months to complete and it was extremely steep.  It was very fogy early in the morning.

Bavarian Alps

Hitler’s Eagles Nest, Germany, sits on a mountain peak high above Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps.

Tunnel leads to the elevator up Eagle Nest

There is a 124 m long tunnel for you to walk pass before reaching the elevator to reach up the mountain peak of Eagle Nest.  It was quite scary to walk pass the tunnel, the lights was dim.  While walking through the tunnel, I had an uneasy feeling thinking of the Schindler’s List movie we just watched few days ago in the coach.

Brass Elevator

The elevator that bring Hitler up the mountain top of Eagle nest was quite impressive.  When you entered, the whole elevator is covered with luxurious brass. The elevator also has a small clock and small round mirrors.   It looks very grand.  However it has been told that Hitler did not trust the elevator and dislike using it.

Restaurant with 360 degree of Alpine view

Kehlsteinhaus – Eagle Nest, Hitler vacation home has turn to be a cosy restaurant with 360 degree of the alpine views.  Things can be a bit expensive in the restaurant, as it is not easy to transport up here.  Since the weather was quite cold, we ordered a hot tomato soup to warm up our body.

View from the top of mountain

Bus timetable

Saw a bus leaving Eagle Nest so we have to wait for the next bus which we had to book once we reached here.  The bus service is quite frequent and run every half an hour till 5 pm.

We rushed to a shopping outlets near Salzburg Airport and did our final shopping before flying home.

Eagle Nest, Germany – Day 11

  • Kehlsteinhaus – Eagle’s Nest in Germany
  • Bavarian Alps
  • Tunnel leads to the elevator up Eagle Nest
  • Restaurant with 360 degree of Alpine view
  • Premium outlet shopping near Salzburg Airport
  • Flying home

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