Get a JUMP of your day in Singapore Botanic Gardens – Unesco World Heritage Site!

Botanic Garden in Singapore 

Over 4 million of visitors came to this beautiful garden yearly.  This is one of the best garden oasis in Singapore and one should not miss while in Singapore.

A dead chameleon

Sad to see a dead chameleon upon arriving the garden.

Lush Lawn of Palm Valley – great spot for picnics

Singapore Botanic Gardens Amphitheater

Events and open air concerts usually start in the evening in the Amphitheater here.  Enjoy free concert here in the evening, great way to spend time with family and friends, do bring along a mat and some fingers food.

Iconic landmark for wedding picture – Bandstand

This is the most iconic landmark in botanic garden.  The gazebo also known as The Bandstand, built in 1930 and retained its original.  Couples often come here for their wedding pictures.

Prisoner of War Brick Steps – History Landmark

Tiny arrows on the bricks – go find them.

These brick steps were in fact built by Australia Prisoners-of-War during the Japanese Occupation.  If you look closer to the bricks, you will notice some tiny arrows marked on the bricks and was built irregular and uneven steps on purpose by the PoW.  Arrows were common symbols used during that time to identify Government properties.  The history only revealed recently in 1995 when 8 of former Australian prisoners of war (PoWs) visited Singapore Botanic Garden.

Fitness class conducted outdoor in the Botanic Garden

There are few benefits to workout outdoor such as more sunshine plus exercising amongst trees and wildlife can give you a healthy mood boost and can help to combat anxiety and stress too.  I love workout in the great outdoor as I sweat more!

Wood craving 

Mangrove in Botanic Garden

Be creative, get fit and have fun.  Just do some basketball jump beside a huge mangrove tree is a great way to burn more fat.

Mangrove normally can be found more in swamp area because they can tolerate and survive well in the salt water.  I am not too sure if this is mangrove.  It does look like one.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is an artificial lake built in 1850 soon after the garden was built. Other than the famous swan lake, there are also two more lakes in  Botanic Garden, there are the Symphony Lake near the Amphitheater and Eco-Lake. My favorite is Swan lake.

The swan lake is a great place to get close with the water plants and fishes.  If you look closely, there are many colorful fishes waiting to be fed by people.  Some fish are really huge and it look kind of scary.

Try spot a pair of Mute Swan 

A pair of shy swans was having some privacy time at one side of the corner. These pair of mute swans was imported from Amsterdam.

Swan Lake Gazebo

If you are tired or need a rest, go to Victorian cast-iron garden shelter near Swan Lake!

Dog  Friendly Garden

It would be more fun if I bring along my dog.  Dog is allowed to explore together in this oasis garden.

Waterfall in the Ginger Gardens

Be careful while walking through the man made cave, you shoes may get wet!

Orchid Garden – Highlight

If you love orchid and flowers, this is the place for you.  Go in and enjoy as many as over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids.  The garden offers the largest display of orchids in the world.  Many of the flowers are named after VIP and celebrities such as Princess Diana, Elton John and Jacky Chan.

You need to pay to get it.  Adult is SGD $5 and Students and Senior citizen pay SGD $1 only.

Chic Jump Rope in Botanic Garden Singapore

Do you know 10 mins of jump rope equal to 45 mins of running.  There is technique to jump, all you need is practice.  Jump like a dragonfly not an elephant is the key.  Jump rope is easy after you master the skill.  Jump rope won’t cause trouble for your knee too.


Jump Rope like the greatest boxer Mohammad Ali

Check it out here!

Learning Forest in Botanical Garden – NEW!

The learning forest has a newly built bridge which allow visitors to explore habitats ranging from a freshwater forest wetland to a lowland rainforest.

There is a pond under the bridge which I find very beautiful with few type of colorful orchids.

Beautiful landscape on the way out to Tanglin Main Gate.

Botanic Garden Main Gate – Tanglin Gate

There are few entrance to Botanical Garden, the Tanglin Gate is also the main gate which is located few minutes walk from the Gleaneagle Hospital.  This main is a great place for photo taking!

There is also a nearest bus stop in front of the Gleaneagle Hospital to go Orchard Road, bus number is 123.


Get a jump of your day in Botanic Gardens summary

  • Botanic Garden in Singapore 
  • Lush Lawn of Palm Valley – great spot for picnics
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Amphitheater
  • Iconic landmark for wedding picture – Bandstand
  • Prisoner of War Brick Steps
  • Fitness class conducted outdoor in the Botanic Garden
  • Wood craving 
  • Mangrove in Botanic Garden
  • Swan Lake in Botanic Garden Singapore
  • Swan Lake Gazebo
  • Dog  Friendly Garden
  • Waterfall in the Ginger Gardens
  • Orchid Garden – Highlight
  • Chic Jump Rope – watch Mohammad Ali Jump Rope Style
  • Learning Forest in Botanical Garden
  • Botanic Garden Main Gate – Tanglin Gate

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