China Guangxi 4 : Datang Bay & Longsheng Rice Terrace – Great for nature & photography lovers!

Guilin Datang Bay : Great for nature lovers

Longsheng Rice Terrace/龙胜梯田

This place is famous for few things, the paddy field landscape, the minority folk culture and it long table diet meal.  It is about 100 km from Guilin City.

Datang Bay Longsheng Bamboo Cottage Experience

The place we stayed was really simple, heater yes but not really working properly.  I did not take a shower but I did washed my face.

We stayed in the bamboo wooden cottage which has mountain and river view when we open our door.  It  was really simple cottage and I won’t say is comfortable.  It may be nicer to come in the summer time because winter is just too cold to live in such place.

One thing I like about this bamboo cottage is you can hear the musical sounds of the running water below the individual cottages.   It would be very nice if you are coming in summer and play with the clean and clear water in the river.

At night, we had the famous long table feast meal, well the food is pretty simple and bamboo rice.  All I could remember was the meal was prepared and spread in the very long table and we sat on the tiny stool to eat.  I won’t say the meal was very fantastic, it was a fun experience to sit closely to everyone in the very long table and had our dinner.

Minority folks Campfire

After our dinner, there was some performance to entertain us before we sleep. Some folks dance and singing and campfire.  The minority here are the Zhuang people and Yao people.

Yao women over 2 meter hair 

Yao people are recognized by their hair, women all have long hair and the longest over 2 meter.  This lady in the picture untie her hair in front of us and showing us how she comb her hair and tie and untie.  I was feeling kind of eerie because she looks like a long hair “hantu titik” ghost standing in front of us.  3 types of her hair was shown in front of us, the one she cut on her 18th birthday ( the only time Yao women cut their hair at 18 yrs old), the hair that was dropped daily but she collected them and show us in the basket.  And lastly her real hair over 2 meter long still growing black and healthy.  By the way, the Yao lady in the picture is already over 60 years old.  I wonder how she maintain her hair so well.

Activities around the Datang Bay

We had a short hiking to the mountain and saw this famous stone which resemble of a whale.


Zhuang Embroidery Ball

Along the trail, we met few Zhuang women selling their artfully crafts – the embroidery ball. The ball is made of silk cloth and have 12 connected petals which represent each month in a year.  Traditionally If a guy catches a embroidery ball from a lady means the lady is interested in him so it is a signal for the guy to pursue her.

Best timing to come to Longsheng Rice Terrace

The rice terrace offer great scenery for photography in China, it was built into hillsides but best time to come is from May to October.  I was here in December so there is no more golden paddy field.

Guilin Datang Bay : Great for nature lovers Summary

  • Longsheng Rice Terrace/龙胜梯田
  • Minority folks Campfire
  • Yao women over 2 meter long hair 
  • Activities around the Datang Bay
  • Zhuang Embroidery Ball
  • Best timing to come to Longsheng Rice Terrace


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