Singapore Bugis : EAT, SHOP, PRAY

Bugis is a shopping paradise not only for tourists but also for locals.  In the old days, Bugis was famous for it nightly gathering of trans women, that was back in the 50s to 80s!  No more such gathering these days.

You can shop, eat and pray in Bugis.  Few famous temples, one is the Indian temple Sri Krishnan Temple which is just adjacent to the Kuan Yin Tong Hood Cho Temple located at Waterloo Street.

Bugis Waterloo Street

Sri Krishnan Temple

Bugis Waterloo Street

This temple was built over 100 years ago and  survived a fire in the 1970s in the area, which destroyed all the attap houses surrounding the temple. Amazing right?  Over here, not only Indian worship in this temple, you would be surprised to see many Chinese locals pray sincerely to the Indian Deities with the burning joss sticks.

Bugis Waterloo Street

If you are looking for fortune tellers or wanted to find out more about your future, Waterloo streets is the place to visit.  This place is full of open air fortune teller, both female and male fortune teller.   They normally sit under a big umbrella outside the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple .

Bugis Waterloo Street

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

 Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho

To be frank, this temple is always full of worshipers no matter when I visited Waterloo street.  If you ever come on the 15th or 1 day of the Lunar month, this temple is even more crowded!

 Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho

This is one of the historical Singapore temple that has lived for more than a century in Singapore.  Do you know why it is so famous in Singapore?  People were amazed the temple survived after world war II, even after the Japanese invasion and believed that this was due to the blessing of the Kuan Yin Bodhisattva!  Many Singaporeans believe that the Kwan Im Temple truly blesses the devoted with good luck !

 Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho

I was there during the dumpling festivals so there are stalls set up along Waterloo Street selling all sorts of dumplings.

Waterloo Street Bugis Singapore

There is also tall statue representing Qu Yuan at the other end at Waterloo Street.  It temporary there to celebrate the dumpling festival.

Waterloo Street Bugis Singapore

What to shop here?  This place is famous for its dried food, such as dried fish, dried prawn, mushroom, nuts and Chinese herbs.  In fact, this place is so packed before Chinese New Year as people rushed here for many ingredient for Chinese New Year celebration.

Waterloo Street Bugis Singapore

You can also go up to 3rd floor of the Albert Food court, there are even more shops selling dried food and prices are very competitive.  I would normally drop by every few months to get almond nuts, cashew nut and walnut here.  The nuts goes well with the raw oats for breakfast.

Waterloo Street Bugis Singapore

Bugis Street 

If you want to shop for some cheap stuff, clothing, watches and souvenirs, Bugis Street is the place.  This indoor walking street is so packed with tourists and youngster, all rushed here to look for cheap stuff.

Bugis Street Shopping

Trishaw Uncle located outside of Albert Center Food Court.

Trishaw Uncle Waterloo Street Bugis Singapore

Some cute decoration nearby Nafa school of Arts.

Bugis Singapore

Colorful HDB at Rochor Road 

These colorful public housing was built since 70’s and will be torn down soon for building some express way and some new development. Do remember to take some snaps before it was gone forever.  After all, these colorful building are memories of Bugis District.

Colorful HDB in Rochor Road Singapore

How to get here?

Nearest MRT is Bugis MRT, exit C and walk about 5 mins.

Singapore Bugis : EAT, SHOP, PRAY : Summary

  • Sri Krishnan Temple
  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple
  • Bugis Street 
  • Colorful HDB at Rochor Road 

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