Singapore : d’Kranji Farm Resort – experience some tranquility of this “ulu-ulu” place!

d’Kranji Farm Resort is located at Kranji Singapore.  Well, to be frank, it is a bit hard to find the place if you don’t have the address.  It is actually hidden in the countryside of Kranji.  If you need a short getaway without flying out from the country or without going through all the hassle of custom, d’Kranji Farm Resort is the place to experience some tranquility of this “ulu ulu” place.

d'Kranji Farm Resort

What activities do they offer in d’Kranji Farm Resort?  Plenty when they first started their business but now less stuff.  Still, I would make a trip down here twice or three times a year.   I simply love the the feeling of “kampong” ambient here.  Coming here you get to relax and get close to the mother nature.  This place you won’t be seeing any high rise building, away from concrete jungle.

d'Kranji Farm Resort

What can you do here in d’Kranji Farm Resort?

1. Stay in a Villa in d’Kranji Farm Resort

D’ Kranji Farm Resort also provide accommodation stay, they have different kind of villa for you to choose from.  Special note to those who wish to stay in the villa, ask for villa that is far away from the Karaoke stage.  The Karaoke party especially on Friday and Saturday will only end at midnight, so if you have young children, the Karaoke Party may cause disturbance to your family.

d'Kranji Farm Resort

2.Farm tour 

Go check out all the fruit and vegetable planted around this area.  They have papaya, watermelon, corn, chili, lady fingers, rambutans, jack fruits etc.  If you like gardening you can always take a stroll in their farm.  Best time to come is evening as the weather is cooler.

Indoor plant

d'Kranji Farm Resort

The farming technique look very high tech, especially for a person like me who don’t know anything about gardening 🙂

d'Kranji Farm Resort

This is the time for you to get close with the nature, look at the surrounding and pay attention to the flowers and plant around you.

d'Kranji Farm Resort

3. Prawning

This is definitely not for me, I don’t have the patience to wait.  But if you are someone who love fishing and prawning, this may be your place.

Prawning d'Kranji Farm Resort

4. World of Birdnest Museum

This is a guided tour museum, a small fee is needed for admission.  Once you entered, there is a guide who will walk you through and explain the history of bird’s nest, explore and differentiate cave and house nest.  You also got to sample some bird nest chocolates.

World of Birdnest Museum in d'Kranji Farm Resort

5. BBQ

BBQ pit can be hire and do your bbq with friends or relative gathering.  Two slots available 9am -5pm and 5pm -11pm.  Charges are needed.

6. Cycling

You can rent a bicycle and cycle around this area, go explore this place with a bicycle instead and get a different experience and feel.

Bike Rental at d'Kranji Farm Resort

7. Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

Can’t leave your baby at home?  No worries, bring your pets here and spoil them here.  After all, pets are for you to pamper!

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

Plenty of space here for your dogs to play around, toys and playground are provided.  Most exciting part is the pool, but you have to pay for it.  You can get something to eat and throw your pet to mingle and play in the playground or pool.  The menu served are mostly western food, sandwiches, bake salmon, beef steak, salads.  Price is reasonable.

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

8. d’Beer Seafood Restaurant

As I mentioned we normally pay a visit every twice a year for the dinner here. There are air-condition and non air-condition tables for you to choose from.  We normally would sit on the non air con table as it offer a bigger space and more relaxing feeling.

Fresh seafood at the tank

Young children would love to look at these seafood in the tank.

Poor fish waiting to be served on the table.

We love d’Beer Signature dish – Pepper Beehoon with Lala and their fried chicken wings with prawn sauce.

Price for Pepper Beehoon Lala ($18 for 500g; $34 for 1kg) – highly recommended!  The lala are very fresh and juicy and I am sure you would come back again.

d'Beer Seafood Signature Lala Beehoon

As you can see, the space is very spacious and very suitable to have family gathering & birthday celebration.

A guy normally would push a trolley full with vegetable and ask if you like to buy.  If you find something you like from the farm here, you can always buy from them.

9. Bar/Pub after Dinner

You can always have a drink or two after your dinner, snooker table is available.

Pub at d'Kranji Farm Resort

10. Karaoke Night

There is a huge stage provided for those who like to sing.  You can sing like a star in this big and colorful stage.  The atmosphere is really cool with all the neon lights flashing around.  The Karaoke end at midnight.

How to get here?

  • Address : 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813
  • Shuttle buses are also available, pick up at Kranji MRT station.

10 things you could do in d’Kranji Farm Resort in Singapore

  1. Stay in Villa
  2. Farm Tour
  3. Prawning
  4. BBQ
  5. Visit World Birdnest Museum
  6. Cycling around this Kampong area
  7. Ulu-ulu Pet Cafe
  8. Dine in d’Beer Restaurant
  9. Have a drink the pub and play snooker
  10. Karaoke Night and sing like a farm super star

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