Western Europe 8 : Brussels Belgium

Brussels Belgium

Brussels is the place where Audrey Hepburn, the actress in Roman Holiday was born. Also, the famous artist for Tin Tin is from here.  If you are lucky you can find some cartoon artists’ painting on the mural in Brussels neighborhood.


This is an international tourist attraction for Belgium.  This building symbolizes a crystallized molecule of iron and also an iconic landmark for the country.  You can go up the sphere by the lift and enjoy a meal there as there is a restaurant sits at the top sphere.  You may wonder why this building was built?  Well, originally Atomium was built in 1958 for the World’s Fair which was intended to honor the metals industry and celebrate the atomic age.  However it was not dismantle and kept as a iconic landmark in Brussels, just like Eiffel Tower in Paris.  I guess Brussels wanted to have some sort of landmark like Eiffel Tower so they kept this giant molecules here.

Atomium Brussels

Market Square

Brussels Market Square

Grand Place Brussels

Grand Place Brussels

This is a spectacular place and an interesting place to explore with many nice cafe and restaurants around the whole square.

Grand Place Brussels

I was there during day time but it was still very beautiful with many gold color painted at the building. If you stay for the night, this place will be even more stunning as the buildings are illuminated with colorful bright colors.

Grand Place Brussels

You could stand there for hours to admire at the details of the building and the craftsmanship on the wall and doors of these building.  There is always cafe nearby, don’t just stand there, find a place and sit and enjoy the whole environment.

Grand Place Brussels

Golden, glittering ornaments and beautiful architecture on the Gothic buildings made the square so GRAND

Grand Place Brussels

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis is a very tiny bronze statue of a little boy peeing.  It can be found in the city’s central streets, close to the Grand Square.  If you are lucky you can see the little boy statue with different outfits which many were gifts from royalty, presidents or VIP from different countries.  In big occasion, you will see the little statue with different little cute outfit.  I was not that lucky so when I was there the little boy statue was naked.

There are few legends why this little bronze statue was built.  I could only remembered one which goes like this.  A little boy was trying to save the whole city from burning down by peeing at the fire.  In order to honor the little boy act, this statue was built.

Manneken Pis Brussels

Nearby the little statue, there are many souvenirs shops selling chocolate, waffles, beers and the beer mugs.  Get some chocolate since Belgium is place to get some.  Some famous brands are : Neuhaus chocolate, Godiva, Jean Galler chocolate & leonidas chocolate.

Manneken Pis Brussels

Brussels Belgium : Summary

  • Atomium
  • Market Square
  • Grand Place Brussels
  • Manneken Pis

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