Getting around with Mobike in West Coast Park Singapore!

West Coast Park is famous for it various type of playgrounds.  In total, there are 6 playgrounds and basically all ages can enjoy some fun at the spacious outdoor paradise. The playground in the West Coast Park is one of the largest in Singapore!

Viking Ship Playground & Sand Play

The viking ship playground is for younger children or toddlers.  I am sure you would be attracted by the striking color combination of the viking ship.

West Coast Park Singapore

Pyramid Web Playground 

This web playground looks like a ton of fun for climbing on, over and all around. If you have young children, I guess this is the best place for them to develop risk taking and learn to navigate the world securely.  Good playgrounds are important for developing children’s physical literacy, which eventually will make them navigate the world, and the playground, more confidently.

West Coast Park Singapore

Ball Shape Web Climb

West Coast Park Singapore

Obstacle Playground – Flying Fox Zipline

This one look pretty fun, even adult like me would like to try it out.

West Coast Park Singapore

Football Match at West Coast Park

West Coast Park Singapore

Beautiful Cycle Track

West Coast Park Singapore

West Coast Park has a  very smooth and wide cycle path.  Compare to East Coast Park, West Coast Park has less cyclists and less commercialized.  The scenery can be as beautiful as East Coast Park.

West Coast Park Singapore

View of Sea

West Coast Park Singapore

Waiting for Sunset

West Coast Park Singapore West Coast Park Singapore

I rented Mobike this time and the bike is lighter than oBike, quite easy to paddle as compare to oBike.  It took me about an hour to complete the West Coast park.

West Coast Park Singapore

Camping at West Coast Park

Why not spend a night out in the great outdoors at West Coast Park, can be a little chill at night. There are designated areas within the park where I saw many tents were set up nicely. First, go get your camping permit before setting up your tent.  You can get your permit online.

West Coast Park Singapore

BBQ Pit at West Coast Park

West Coast Park Singapore

There are plenty of BBQ pits at the park where you can book and cook your own favourite food while enjoying the great outdoor.  You can book your BBQ pit online too.

West Coast Park Singapore

Bird Watching Activities

This park cover an area of 50 hectares, visitors to the park can take a walk to Marsh Garden and see if can find some birds.

West Coast Park Singapore

West Coast Park Tunnel

West Coast Park Singapore

Inside the tunnel, you will find the wall is fills with yachts designs as the Singapore Yachts  Club is also located nearby.

West Coast Park Singapore

Dog Runway – Good News for Dog Lover!

A small, shadeless dog run area has been fenced off at the eastern end of the park, one of only two public places in Singapore where dogs may walk off-leash, and the only such place that is freely accessible. After the run, you can try the dogwash facilities outside the Dog Run area. The Dog Wash allow you to shampoo, condition, treat fleas and ticks and dry your dog within 10 mins.

Dog Wash at West Coast Park Singapore

Lake Fountain 

West Coast Park Singapore

There are two lakes with small fountains where you can sit and enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the surrounding.

Rental Bike Shop – Gocycling

If you don’t have bike sharing app installed, you can always rent a bike at Gocycling rental bike shop, I think it is the only rental bike shop in the park.  The pedal go-karts look interesting and offer adult and children size.  If you don’t know how to cycle, go-kart pedal is the way to go, it even has 4 seaters for family size.

GoCycling at West Coast Park Singapore

One and only – McDonald’s

There is a big McDonald’s located in the Park, you can even drive through if you don’t want to eat in.  The crowd inside McDonald’s can be very scary because it is the only restaurant in the park.

McDonald's at West Coast Park Singapore

The McDonald’s restaurant has very huge spaces to cater for many people.  It also has a very big party room.  There was a Halloween party going on and some dressed up for the party.

Welcome to Halloween Party

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