Top 10 things to do at East Coast Park Singapore

East Coast Park Singapore

1.Satay & BBQ Chicken Wings at East Coast Lagoon – Food Village

East Coast Park best known for it well paved path for both cyclists and roller bladers. I re-visited this park recently and found out there are some changes compared to years back.  Before I started my exploration with bike, I need to fill up my tummy at East Coast Lagoon – Food Village.

East Coast Park Singapore - Food Village

As it was still early around 5.30 pm so the food court is still not crowded and I could easily get a seat and order my food without queue.

East Coast Park Singapore - Food Village

We decided to ordered some Thai food, mince with basil, green curry and pathai. I would rate the Thai food average.  There are many stalls selling BBQ chicken wings and satay, I think I should have ordered those instead.

Thai cuisine at East Coast Park Singapore

East Coast Park was opened in the 1970s, the 185 hectare Park is built with man-made beach which measure over 15 km long. Over here, you will find many activities, such as cycling, roller blading, camping, bbq, dining and many more.  Things to do :

2.Water Sport

Behind me there were people enjoying the stand up paddles (SUP). This sport is less intense compared to other water sport, it’s not only relaxing, but is great for building strength, endurance and balance. Some people even do yoga at the paddleboard. Oh yes, there are some people did the kitesurfing, this watersport combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowbording,windsurfing, surfing and sailing into one extreme sport.

East Coast Park Singapore

SWP (Singapore Wake Park) – closed

East Coast Park Singapore -SWP

I didn’t see any rider at the Wake Park but few years back, saw some really cool rider did all the cool stunts here. The Wake Park is closed till further notice.

East Coast Park Singapore - SWP

3. Camping

Gather few friends or few families together, set up the tent here and spend the weekends here can be an interesting experience for both the adults and kids.  This is the time to teach the kids to stay close to nature, soak in the warm and relaxing atmosphere, rather than stick with their electronics gadgets.


East Coast Park Singapore

Camping overnight is allowed at designated areas once you obtained the camping permit online.  Camp at Area D which is closer to the eateries, bicycle rental shops and toilets with shower facilities.

East Coast Park Singapore


East Coast Park Singapore

When I was younger, especially during school days, I used to join friend’s BBQ party at the great outdoor.  You get to cook and BBQ your own food, at the same time relaxing and enjoying the sun and sea breeze.  BBQ pits here are available for booking.  You can do it online.

East Coast Park Singapore


You can fish at the jetty here, do bring along your own rod.  Saw many people fish here, one need  ample amount of patience to fish, I am not sure I can do that? I am more into the picturesque view of the faraway islands across the horizon.  I was here at sunset, just the right timing to enjoy the breathtaking view.  Strong breeze but lovely!

East Coast Park Singapore

6.Cycling and Roller Blading

You can either rent your bike from the rental bike kiosks here or use bike sharing, provided if you are lucky to get one.  At peak period, especially during weekends, it is not easy to get the bike sharing, such as ofo, Mobike or oBike. Rental Bike Kiosks complain their business drop by 20-40% after bike sharing operators invaded.  However, I still see long queue at rental bike kiosks!

East Coast Park Singapore - Bike Rental Shop

Temporary kiosk selling ice-cream and first aid.

East Coast Park Singapore

7.Marine Cove’s Children’s Playground

This is newly built for sure, I did not see this 3,500 square metre playground few years back.

Chocolate Hills Theme

This look like the Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island, Philippines, one of my favorite, should be meant for younger kids at around 2-5 years old.

Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park Singapore

The main play areas of Marine Cove Playground were constructed for children aged 5 to 12 years old.

Marine Cove Playground East Coast Park Singapore

Best timing for kids to be here is morning or late afternoon, evening timing in order to avoid the sunburn on young children delicate skin.

Suspended Rope Bridge

The suspended rope bridge should be the highlight of all, look pretty huge and interesting to crawl in and out.

East Coast Park Singapore Children Playground

East Coast Park Singapore Playground

Restaurant and Cafe next to the Marine Cove Playground

East Coast Park Singapore


If you think camping is too much for you, you can choose to do picnic instead. Lie on the mat, spread with nice food and a book. “Let the sea set you free!”

East Coast Park Singapore

9. Sandcastle Building

Water and sand play are great activities that will engage young children as it provide opportunities to learn about the texture, scooping and sorting. Most importantly it also help to build children’s imagination.  If you have young one, bring them here to get dirty with sands.  There are toilets and washroom nearby for you to clean them.

East Coast Park Singapore

10. Seafood Centre

East Coast Park is also famous for its seafood, plenty of nice seafood restaurants such as Jumbo, Long Beach, Ubin First Stop Restaurant and many more to choose from.

East Coast Park Singapore - Seafood centre

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