Best Vietnamese Pho in Chinatown Las Vegas USA

Chinatown Las Vegas

When we reached Las Vegas, it was around noon time so we drove to Las Vegas Chinatown to have some Asian cuisine.  We did some research before knowing that the Vietnamese Pho  at Las Vegas Chinatown is authentic and one of the best!

Chinatown Las Vegas

The distance is about 2 miles away from The Strip Las Vegas.  People usually go to The Strip during night time when the neon lights started working at that hours.  So no point rushing to The Strip so early.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Las Vegas Chinatown is located at Spring Mountain Road so in Chinese is called as “春山”.  Well, the translation make sense!

Chinatown Las Vegas

Parking is a headache here, it took us a while to find a spot to park.  I guess Chinatown everywhere in the world has such problem.  However parking is free.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Chinatown Plaza

Chinatown Las Vegas does not look like any other Chinatown you see in  such as San Francisco or LA Chinatown or London or Sydney .  Chinatown in Las Vegas look more like a street mall in an enclose area.  This is a place to serve  all the Asian community, you find Chinese Law Office, travel agency, real estate agency etc.

Chinatown Las Vegas

There is a statue of “Journey to the West” -4 main characters, including the Monkey King, pigsg, Monk Sha & Tang Sanzang/ Tang Seng riding on a horse, stand facing the Dynasty-inspired gate.

Journey to the west statue at Chinatown Las Vegas

Chinatown does not only limited to Chinese stuff, they have all sort of Asian stuff and cuisine here.  We found restaurants from Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean & Vietnamese.

Chinatown Las Vegas

99 Ranch Supermarket

Beside dining, you can also do your Asian groceries shopping here.  There is a Asian supermarket called 99 Ranch Market selling all sort of Asian food products.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Pho

Finally we found Vietnamese restaurant at Las Vegas Chinatown!  We actually walked passed the restaurant because the big sign is hang way up.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Upon entering, we were being served to a table.  Free ice water was immediately served less than 5 mins, service was fast and good.

Chinatown Las Vegas

The restaurant is spacious, comfortable and lighting is bright and cosy.  It was around 2 pm plus but still having plenty of customers.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Vietnamese Pho Beef Noodles

We ordered Vietnamese Pho combination beef noodle, served within 10 minutes.  It has plenty of slices of beef, several beef balls, beef stomach and a big plate of pho vegetables & herbs.  I love their generous basil leaves & raw bean sprouts.  Overall the portion is super big, lots of noodles – may be 3 times bigger than Singapore size noodle.  Cost less than USD $10.00

Jalapeño instead of green chili

Over here in North America, I notice they use Jalapeño instead of green chili.  In Australia, UK, Singapore or Vietnam they usually use green chili.  Jalapeño is species Capsicum but taste hot. Jalapeño also taste hotter than green chili.  I guess Jalapeño  is easier to get as compare to green chili.  As you know Jalapeño is one of the important food for Mexican and Mexican has  a strong impact in California so using Jalapeño in Pho noodle make sense!

America has better Pho than Vietnam!

In fact, Australia and America serve better pho compared to the origin country – Vietnam.  I have tried pho in Vietnam but quite disappointed with their ingredients, the slices of beef is too little and not good grade.  More disappointing was their pho vegetable, the bean sprout is not fresh and you better don’t eat them raw if you are in Vietnam.  I think American has better resources for beef and fresh vegetable as compared to Vietnam, that is the reason why America serve better pho.

Pho has become the next Sushi in North America!

Pho has become the next Pizza, Burrito or sushi in North America.  You can see it everywhere, just like 7 Eleven.  It has become so popular it serve almost every ethnic group in America.  Everyone just love pho because it is the ultimate comfort food.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Pork Chop with White Rice

The other two dishes were Vietnamese spring rolls & Pork Chop with white rice.  Both tasted awesome.  The dipping sauce for Vietnamese spring rolls was awesome while the Pork Chop was well marinated with whatever source they are using.  “Finger lickin good”.  Total for the 3 items cost less than USD $30.00 including tips.  Tipping is about 15 %.

Chinatown Las Vegas

Final thoughts :

Chinatown Las Vegas is only 2 miles away from the Strip Las Vegas, if you arrived early, why not make a trip down here.  5 stars for Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Pho, must try their Pork Chop too!  Chinatown Las Vegas also has few bakery shops so we got some of the Chasiew/BBQ Buns & Polo Bun for breakfast tomorrow.

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    1. Dear Emily,

      Yes, you should try other beside spring rolls and pho. Another worth trying is their pork chop which is marinated in their special Vietnamese style. You will like it for sure!

  1. Well, now I’m hungry! Love Vietnamese cuisine, especially beef noodle soup – Pho. Thanks for pointing out the optimal place to eat in LV!! …Can’t wait

  2. I love Vietnamese cuisine, this looks like a nice place and the food sounds delicious. I would check this one out when I am around.

  3. Pho restos have never failed me. I bet I’ll like this place, I’ll even have more than just pork chops which is also my usual thing.

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