3 Interesting Sites From Road Trip Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim That You Should Look Out!

Road trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim

While in Las Vegas, tourists would normally go Grand Canyon.  There are two viewing point, one at South Rim and West Rim.  West Rim is closer to Las Vegas, about 3 hours drive from the Strip Vegas.   South Rim has a better scenic view but it is longer time to reach 4-5 hours drive.  Due to the weather condition in winter ( ice may accumulate near the mountain area), we have decided to change to West Rim (2.5 hrs) Grand Canyon.  Well, at least it is better than no Grand Canyon at all.

Road trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim

1.  Arizona Last Stop 

We went in for a break at the Arizona Last Stop, along Highway 93, opposite of the way toward Grand Canyon West Rim.  We made a U turn and had a break there.  I was surprised to find out so many interesting activities in this place.  Outdoor Shooting Range, Monster Truck Ride & plenty of photo opportunities.

Arizona Last Stop

Outdoor Shooting Range

After we get off the car, we heard loud shot, sound like fire crackers.  Then only realized there is outdoor shooting range beside the service area.

Shooting Range at Arizona Last Stop

Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Arizona Last Stop

Extreme adventure : Monster Truck Ride

The wheels are super huge, I should stand there then you will know how big these monster wheels are, taller than me.  The monster truck will bring you to the desert ride.

Arizona Last Stop

Gun for Sales at Mini Mart Gas Station

We wanted some drinks and used the toilet so went in to the mini mart, shocked to see guns were displayed at the counter.

Arizona Last Stop

Scorpion Suckers Candy

At the mini mart, I also discovered interesting insects suckers candy.  Cubes of translucent red, yellow, orange, or blue candy and flavoring on a stick—each one with a crunchy and dead surprise inside.  Usually displayed at the counter for tourists who are going to Grand Canyon.

Scorpion Suckers

Scorpion Suckers Candy

Fancy Texas Boot 

Arizona Last Stop

The Usual Drinks corner

Arizona Last Stop

Drinks cost about USD $ 3 to 5 dollars, depending on the size.

Arizona Last Stop

Route 66 & Route 99 Souvenirs

Route 66 is iconic because it is also known as the Mother Road which was established in 1926.  However Route 66 is not longer exist.

Route 99 is also another famous highway route, is historical route, known as Main Street of California.

Arizona Last Stop

All types of knives

Arizona Last Stop

Zoltar – Fortune Teller Machine

I saw this thing on TV, especially on American drama.  Zoltar in Greek means “life”.  Just slot in some money and Zoltar will tell you about your destiny.  There will be a card popping out at the end.  You can read about your destiny in detail from the card.

Arizona Last Stop

Rambo Murals

Arizona Last Stop

Freaking Alien Murals

Arizona Last Stop

Area 51

Area 51 was seen painted at one of the store at Last Stop Arizona.  Of course this is not the real Area 51.

Area 51 is located about 130 km away from Las Vegas, a remote area for the air force base.  Rumour said some unidentified objects /UFO were seen flying near area 51 in 1955.

Arizona Last Stop

Arizona State sits next to California & Nevada State.  Arizona state has nickname “The Grand Canyon State” Or “The Copper State” because of plenty of minerals.  Calling Arizona ” The Grand Canyon State” because the natural wonder is at this state.  Arizona State used to be part of Mexico so Mexican food is very popular here, such as Burritos.

Dolan Springs Arizona

2.Dolan Springs, a small town in Arizona

There is a small town that you will pass by before entering Grand Canyon West Rim.  The town is called Dolan Springs.  I was curious and wonder why there are residents living in this place.  What I can see, the condition is pretty harsh. Most of the homes here are ramshackle and unkempt!  Pretty interesting site for me who came from Asia.

Dolan Springs Arizona

Sellers on the roadside for Grand Canyon tourist

Dolan Springs Arizona

Once you enter Dolan Springs, the traffic is two way toward Grand Canyon West Rim.

There is no agriculture, mining, industry or traffic in this rural desert area. The area is beautiful but to live here as a residents make me think twice. There are electricity poles but not sure about the water here?

Dolan Springs Arizona

Double Market

Double Market Grocery Store Dolan Springs Arizona

Dolan Springs Arizona

Family Dollar Stores

The one and only Mini-mart in the small town, not sure this is for tourists or for 4,000 residents here?

Family Dollar at Dolan Springs Arizona

Antique Store

Antique store at Dolan Springs Arizona

Canyon Cafe

There are table & seat outside the Cafe but this desert area is very dusty.

Canyon Cafe at Dolan Springs Arizona

Hot Diggety Dog

There are not many choices of eatery place after you enter Dolan Springs, Hot Diggety Dog serve sandwiches & hot dogs & some sweet stuff.

Hot Diggety Dog at Dolan Springs Arizona

Dolan Springs Arizona

Fire District at Dolan Springs Arizona

Mount Tipton School

Wow, there is even school here at Dolan Springs.

School at Dolan Springs Arizona

Dolan Springs Indian Trading Post

This red container building sit in the middle of the town of Dolan Springs.  Inside you find snacks, drinks & souvenirs.  The red building looks bright and stand out from the mountain, you won’t miss out.

Indian Trading Post at Dolan Springs Arizona

Housing in Dolan Springs

The houses are surrounded by cactus plants, Joshua Trees can be seen everywhere.  These place should have lot of poisonous rattlesnakes, scorpions & spiders.

Residents at Dolan Springs Arizona

Who will be living here?  Probably, some retirees and people who love natures.  Air quality should be good but there a lot of flying dust as this place is very sandy.

Mailbox at Dolan Springs Arizona

Mail boxes line up at the roadside.

Dolan Springs Arizona

I did not see many livestock in this area, only spotted two to three cows at the side of the road.  I don’t think this desert area has enough grass hay to feed the cow.

Dolan Springs Arizona

Dolan Springs Arizona

Some tourist just take a stop at a random place to check out the beautiful Joshua Trees, but there is another greater site which better display of the Joshua Trees at Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest!

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest

3.Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest

The Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest is located even nearer to Grand Canyon West Rim, at Mohave County. The entrance of the Mesa Joshua Trees forest is located at the intersection. You will see many curious tourists pull over to take pictures with this strange looking flora – the taller tree/cactus that like a tree is called Joshua Tree. You will not see anything like this in California States but only in Arizona near Grand Canyon!

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest

Joshua trees are native to the southwestern United States and grow 3500-4500 feet in elevation in areas with an average rainfall of 9-12 inches per year. There can be some snowfall in the winter months.

There are some hiking trails to check out the incredible natural phenomenon but I was actually worried to bump into the rattlesnakes.

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest

Cholla Cactus

Cholla is another type of cactus, native to Mexico which has a cylindrical stem. (Refer to picture below)

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest

A local selling some stone jewelry near the entrance of Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest.

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest

Approaching West Rim, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon West Rim

Grand Canyon West Rim

The colorful rock layers record billion of years of history!

Grand Canyon West Rim

Enjoy a short video clip – almost there but not yet there, to be continue.

Final thoughts :

The road trip from Las Vegas took about 3 hours, three interesting stop you may want to pull over and go down have a look before you reach Grand Canyon West Rim.

  1. Arizona Last Stop – Don’t be alarmed by the shooting sounds
  2. Dolan Springs small town – Check out the line up mail boxes at the roadside
  3. Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees Forest – Experience the hike in desert walk

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36 Replies to “3 Interesting Sites From Road Trip Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim That You Should Look Out!”

    1. Thank you for your comment. Arizona Last Stop was really took me by surprised. Actually wanted to stop for a break for washroom and some coffee but turn out to found the place is a hidden gem.

  1. Can not believe that guns are for sale in a mini mart gas station. I am happy that this surprised you as well, and was not seen as normal. Change is needed in the USA when it comes to gun policy.

    1. Dear Noelle,
      You are right, guns for sale in mini mart gas station!! This is something very new to me and first time experience. I have never seen so many guns in my life, except only in museum or movie. I guess this is America!!

    1. Dear Vivian,
      I agreed the scorpion candy scary! I was kind of shock when I saw it at the counter but the colorful part make it not too scary and quite fun to just look at 🙂

    1. Dear forkwardthinkingfoodinista,
      Wow, you go girl. There are just too many things you can do in Last Stop Arizona and shooting is definitely one of them. However,I heard there was an incident of a 10 year old girl accidentally shot & killed the instructor!! I wonder why let a 10 year old child to deal with a machine gun used in war at the first place?? Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  2. It looks like a fabulous road trip, you saw a lot of interesting history. I liked the Area51 mural – if only we were allowed to visit the real thing!

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      You are so right about Area 51, if only we could pay a visit inside the real Area 51 so many myth and mystery may be solved 🙂

  3. As soon as I saw the Zoltar machine I thought of the movie big, where the boy makes a wish to become an adult. I don’t think I’d be able to control myself I’d have to give it a whirl. Was it operable?

    1. Dear Cia,
      Yes, the Zoltar is still working well. I only saw Zoltar in American movie, so seeing the real Zoltar at Last Stop Arizona was really excited!!

    1. Dear Lisa,

      The Strip is fun too for their vibrant night life but the road trip offer a different side of Nevada State, great for nature lovers.

    1. Dear Monique Elise,

      Road trips bring surprises and one may get lose if the GPS is not working well. But then, that is the fun part of being on the road I guess. The Last Stop Arizona do offer monster trucks activities and I wish I have a ride in the Arizona desert!

  4. It’s great that you show us ‘little’ things. I mean, one can easily google Grand Canyon and sure it is beautiful, but pics from such a trip are invaluable! They reflect the whole experience of travelling, it’s as if you had taken us along with you!

    1. Dear Tiffany,
      The guns are machine guns used in war and I think should be heavy. I am sure you will enjoy the shooting if you happen to stop at Arizona Last Stop rest area.

    1. Dear Judy,

      Thank you for your comment. The drive is about 2 hour desert view with different kind of cactus plant and I love the iconic Joshua tree the best and find them very unique.

  5. It looks like a fun and awesome road trip experience. I love seeing all your photos and you saw a lot of interesting and awesome history. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. What an amazing road trip. I am planning to visit Las Vegas this March. I am glad to have found your post, I have to rethink and plan about the Grand Canyon visit, I did not know about the viewing options available – west rim and south rim.

    1. Dear Preet,
      West and South Rim has different view and south rim take longer time (about 5 hours) to reach if you are coming from Las Vegas. Be it South or West Rim (2.5 hours), it is really worth to make a trip down to check out this magnificent and colorful canyon.

    1. I am sure you and your family had a great time 10 years ago! Yes, I did had a great time as the Canyons are just breathtaking and stunning! Never seen something like this in my life!

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