Summary Itinerary for Xi’an, Shaanxi province China

Xi’an is the old capital of China and also one of the oldest cities in China. People rush to Xi’an to check out the most famous Terracotta Army, the food at Muslim Quarter, Hanyang Mousoleum, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and many more.  If you visit a bit further away from Xi’an city, you can get in touch with the mother nature and one of the incredible waterfall you need to see is Hukou Waterfall.

Xi’an held the position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, therefore Xi’an is full of Chinese history and culture.  It is also one of the most important city you need to visit in China.

Please refer to below itinerary for Xi’an :

China Xi’an 1 – A day in Famen Temple – Let’s see the Finger Bone of Sakyamuni Buddha

Famen Temple Xi'an Shaanxi China

1. Famen Temple -the temple is also renowned for storing the Finger Bone of the Sakyamuni Buddha.  Check out these things in Famen Temple :
Avenue of Buddha Anticorona & Namaste Dagoba

2. Giant Wild Goose Pagoda/ 大雁塔 – good example of Chinese traditional architecture, which was built with layers of bricks without any cement.

3.Free musical fountain in North Square – biggest one in Asia!

Xi'an China

Tips :You may want to have a vegetarian lunch in Famen temple.

China Xi’an 2 : Find out what is the real meaning of “扬眉吐气” in Shaanxi

1. Lunch at Yaodong – get an introduction of Yaodong – cave house in China.  Go check out the their heated bed also known as “kang”/炕.

Yellow Emperor Shaanxi China

2. Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor/黄帝陵 -an important location where generations of emperors and famous people made offerings to the Yellow Emperor.  The Yellow Emperor is now regarded as the initiator of Chinese civilization, and said to be the ancestor of all Chinese.  Go check out the old trees – “King” of Cypress Tress.

3. Hukou Waterfall/壶口瀑布 – the only yellow waterfall in the world

Hukou Waterfall, Yellow River Shaanxi China

4. Yellow River – mother river for the Chinese people

Tips : Bring along a disposal poncho for Hukou Waterfall, chance of getting wet is very high.

China Xi’an 3 – Life in Rural village in Shaanxi , see it yourself the OLD and NEW village!

1. Daming Palace in National Heritage Park – royal residence of the Tang emperors for more than 220 years.  Go watch a 3D movie in Daming Palace IMax to get a better understand of Tang dynasty.

Huxian Peasant drawing

2. Visiting Huxian village – and have a homestay experience of peasant painting in Huxian and paper cutting.  Also check out the new & old village in Huxian.

3.Lavender and Cosmos Park – if you like flowers go check this out.

Lavender and Cosmos Park 

4. Sha Sha River – go rent the Chinese Army clothing or Chinese traditional costume and shoot pictures in Sha Sha River.

5. Muslim District in Xi’an city – Try Dumpling dinner – up to 20 types of different type of dumpling in different size and shape served.  Try “biang biang” noodle – Xi’an famous dish.

Tips : If you love to experience more of Xi’an village life, book a homestay with the artist Pang Xiao Ling.  She has a decent mansion opposite her art studio, all basic necessity is there.

China Xi’an 4 – Colors of the Terracotta warriors were faded within minutes after the archaeologists dig it out !

Xi'an City Wall China

1. Xian City Wall – rent a bike and cycle at the ancient city wall.

2. Huaqing/华清池 Hot Springs – bathing pool for Yang Gui Fei.  Located on the way to Terracotta Warriors site.

3. Terracotta Warriors – most significant archaeological excavation of the 20th century! Xi’an highlight!

Terracotta Army Xi'an China

4. Dynasty Tang Concert Show – dance performance with English subtitle.

Tips : Beware of your belongings in Terracotta Warriors museum as the visitors are so crowded especially during holiday season in China.

China Xi’an 5 : Hua Shan Lun Jian/ 华山论剑 – Discussion of Swords in Mount Hua

Hua Shan Shaanxi

1. Hua Shan/ Mount Hua – China’s Big Five mountains, all Kung Fu legendary go there for fighting their titles.  Go by Cable Car to Hua Shan and look for 4 Peak in Hua Shan.

2. Try Xian Roast Duck for Dinner – eating only duck skin, wrap in ultra thin pancake.

3. Xian Metro & Xian City – check out Xian City- food & shopping

4. HanYangling Mausoleum of Han Dynasty/汉阳陵 – another historical site in Xi’an is near the airport.  You will see Underground Glass Museum, this time you will see Miniature Terracotta Warrior instead of giant size terracotta.

Tips :  Hua Shan is all the legendary heroes dream place to fight and gained their titles.  A lot of steep climbing so a proper shoes is required!  You may want to try the deadly “plankhike”/”plankwalk”!

Final thoughts :  China is so big, if you asked me which part of China should you visit, then I have to say Xi’an.  It offer rich history, culture & nature.  You need about one week to cover Xi’an China.

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14 Replies to “Summary Itinerary for Xi’an, Shaanxi province China”

  1. Love your recommendations. 🙂 I find the Hukpu Waterfall and the Terracotta Warriors very interesting! For one, I didn’t know that there’s a yellow waterfall in Xi’an and I’ve seen several photos of the warriors before and it has really interested me eversince!

    1. Dear Marvi,

      Hukou Waterfall is a bit far away from Xi’an city, about 400 km away. Worth to pay a visit to Hukou and check out the yellow color waterfall and the mother river of China, the “yellow” river.

  2. I have visited China before but I didn’t make it to Xi’An that time. However, a friend of mine who I was traveling with did go to Hua Shan mountain and said it was fantastic. I have fear of heights so I chose to go to Yangshuo instead. I’d love to return though, Xi’An looks wonderful and there are so many different things to do and see there!

    1. Dear Joanna,
      Hua Shan is the place for the legendary hero to fight their titles according to Chinese novel. However Yangshuo in Guilin is nice place too. Been to Yangshuo and love the river cruise.

  3. Being in the neighbour country, I have read a lot about the Chinese history, culture and festivals. This post really took me back to the textbook days and tempted me to explore this culturally rich country.

  4. Thanks for the excellent suggestions for enjoying the beauty and history of the region. We just had a chance to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and it was amazing. I hope to be able to travel to the region someday.

    1. Great that Science Center in Seattle America has few pieces of Terracotta for people to look at. Hope you can visit Xi’an, the ancient old capital of China one day and check out hundred and thousands of Terracotta all in different shapes and expression, none are identical in the pit.

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