My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

While in America, there is one thing you should experience is the “In-N-Out Burger”. The fast food restaurant is similar to any of the fast food chain but still there is some difference.

Top 8 reasons why you should pay a visit at In-N-Out Burger and have your cheat meal.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

1. Simple Menu @ In-N-Out Burger

The menu in In & Out Burger is pretty simple : –

(hamburger, cheese burger, or double-double), french fries, and drinks (sodas or milkshakes).  Pretty easy to order right?

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

2. Drive Through @ In-N-Out Burger

You can always drive through if you don’t feel like coming down from your car.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

3. Iconic Theme – Red & White Design

You will see white tile, corner-shaped ordering counter beneath the menu boards and a general 50’s car hop feel, more of a timeless diner feel.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

3. Line Moving Fast

This place is always busy and crowded inside and outside but you will always get your order in timely manner, very organized.

Once you have done with your ordered, you will be given a number, stand aside and wait for your number to be called.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

4. Special Recipe Burger – “Secret Ingredient”

Burgers with lots of toppings, especially the grilled onions!  If you love onions then this is for you!  I love their burger to the max & can’t resist the juicy onion bite! Oh yes, you can also asked for their “secret menu” too!  I think is with some sort of special recipe and secret sauces not mentioned in the menu.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

5. Free Flow Soft Drinks

There is a free flow soft drinks corner where you can top up if you need to.  Go try out Dr Pepper!  If you don’t mind cough syrup taste, you would enjoy Dr Pepper soft drinks.  I still prefer my favorite coke.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

6. Cheapest Meal You Can Get In America

I think it is the cheapest meal you could get in America!

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

7. Clean Environment

There are indoor and outdoor seating, both are clean and comfortable.  There are staffs roaming to pick up trays or make sure the place is always clean for the next customers.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

8. Cute Uniforms & Serve You with  A Smile

Most staffs who works in In & Out Burger are young people.  I like their white uniform with red apron, clean & tidy and cute little hat on top for each employee.  The kitchen is open concept so you get to see everything happened in the kitchen, obviously a very happy and energetic vibe in the kitchen.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

In-N-Out Burger chain originated in Southern California, first store was built on Oct 22, 1948 in LA suburb by Harry Snyder and his wife. Now the chain has spread to several states in the West Coast, including Nevada, Texas Arizona, Utah, new Mexico and Oregon.

Snyder and his wife motto is : Give customers the freshest, highest quality foods you can buy and provide them with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment”.  Glad that they still continue living up with their motto.

My IN-N-Out Burger Experience in California

Final thoughts :

In-N-Out Burger is a wonderful experience for me overall, love the restaurant white and red setting, happy and young vibes of the friendly staffs.  However there is one thing I don’t enjoy is their fries, not crispy and taste kind of weird.  Nope, the fries are not for me but I love the burger and overall experience. I am missing the taste and the young vibes!

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  1. What a delight to read this post! I grew up in Los Angeles and IN-N-Out Burgers are so part of my consciousness that I never think of it with a critical review. I moved out of Cali in my 20s and realized how much I missed these burgers. Each time I go “home,” you’ll see me in line for my cheat meal =) . Great review!! xo Evelyn,

    1. Dear Evelyn,

      Totally understand what you mean, only we came out from our “home” or where we stay, we then could realized more about what we had missed. I really love the “cheat meal” especially with the fresh onion!

  2. The place sounds so good and the burger looks delicious. What a detailed review of the place and burger, wish fries were more crispy and taste was better.

  3. Number 5 made me laugh so hard! I guess I never considered Dr. Pepper to taste like cough syrup. LOL! Now I’ll have to pay attention the next time I get one to drink! Great article!

  4. We had relatives from Palmdale talking about this. We were all fans of burgers and the old McDonald’s and we believe In-n-Out is really the way to go for delicious fastfood.

  5. I tried In-N-Out Burger once when I was in Vegas but I didn’t find it all that great. But, then again, I didn’t know any of the secret sauces or menu items so maybe that’s why.

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