China Guangxi Summary Itinerary for Nature Lovers

Guangxi is located at the south central China, bordering Vietnam.  This place is a mountainous area where tourists rush here for it charming natural scenery and diverse ethnic customs.  From here, you can access easily to Vietnam and there are a huge number of Vietnamese staying here.

Below is 8 days which cover many of the important sites in Guangxi which include nature, cultural, historical and people.  After this trip you will have a better understanding of people who lives in Guangxi area.

China Guangxi 广西 1 : Find out the secret to longevity in Bama 巴马 Village in Guangxi

Summary : Bama Guangxi

  • Bama Longevity Village –  Ren Shou Village (人寿山庄)
  • Baimo Tiankeng (Devil’s collapsed cave) 巴马百魔天坑

China Guangxi Summary Itinerary for Nature Lovers

China Guangxi 2 : Liuzhou 柳州  is famous for its Rare Stone Museum, Heavy Industries Museum & Bamboo Rafting

Liuzhou in Guangxi China Summary

  • Rare Stone Museum in Liuzhou
  • Liuzhou Industrial Museum
  • Bamboo rafting in Yangshou 
  • Night view in Liuzhou

China Guangxi Summary Itinerary for Nature Lovers

China Guangxi 3 : Cave Appreciation in Silver Cave & Impression Liu SanJie Show by Zhang Yimou on the River Li in Yangshou

Guangxi 3 : Yangshuo/阳朔 – River Li/漓江 Summary

  • Silver Cave or Yinzhi Cave/银子岩
  • Three wonders in Silver Cave 
    •  Flying Waterfall of Snow Mountain/ 雪山飞瀑
    •  The Music Stone Screen / 音乐石屏
    •  Wonderland in a Jade Pool Fairyland /瑶池仙境
  • How did the name Silver Cave come from?
  • Yinzi / Silver Cave Vs Red Flute Cave – which one to choose?
  • Impression Liu San Jie Show/印象刘三姐
    • Directed by Zhang YiMou,  also the director for Beijing Olympic 2008
    • Tips for the Open Theater in River Li

China Guangxi Summary Itinerary for Nature Lovers

China Guangxi 4 : Datang Bay & Longsheng Rice Terrace – Great for nature & photography lovers!

Guilin Datang Bay : Great for nature lovers Summary

  • Longsheng Rice Terrace/龙胜梯田
  • Minority folks Campfire
  • Yao women over 2 meter long hair 
  • Activities around the Datang Bay
  • Zhuang Embroidery Ball
  • Best timing to come to Longsheng Rice Terrace

China Guangxi Summary Itinerary for Nature Lovers

China Guangxi 5 – Guilin 桂林 & Nanning 南宁 

Guilin & Nanning Summary

  • 1 ) Guilin Guangxi –  Top landscape in the World
    • Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin Guangxi
    • Sun Moon Pagoda in Guilin Guangxi
    • High Speed Train Guilin to Nanning
  •  2) Nanning
    • Guangxi Museum of Nationalities in Nanning
    • Glass Lion Dance of Zhuang People
    • Guangxi Bronze Drum
    • Guangxi 12 Indigenous Ethnics Group 
    • Guangxi famous handicraft : Embroidery Ball

China Guangxi Summary Itinerary for Nature Lovers

What do I remember from my Guangxi trip?

  1. Mountains and River Lijiang and Caves
  2. LiuSanjie Singing – director by Zhang Yimou, famous movie director also directed Beijing Olympic 2008
  3. 55 ethnic minority + Han people in China but 12 of them living in Guangxi.
  4. Biggest minority group in Guangxi is Zhuang people, Liu San Jie is Zhuang.

Not much history as compared to X’ian China.  If you like scenery, this is the place for you.

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  1. My parents took a trip to China and loved the experience. I am living vicariously through your blog! There are some very scenic spots that I didn’t know existed!

  2. Now this sounds like an itinerary I would really enjoy. So much culture and nature inspired trips and outings. The Bama Longevity Village sounds so intriguing.

  3. Thank you for putting this guide together. I would really love to visit China one day. A few of my friends have been and they all had a great time.

  4. I love good scenery so this place would be great for me. It’s great to explore a culture and their environment and share it with others.

  5. What a really great itinerary you have provided here, this is sure to help anyone out who loves nature and wants to visit. It looks like you had a really good time.

  6. This trip looks exciting. My brother-in-law recently took a trip out to Japan! I have yet to heart the details on how it went. I’m sure it was just as exciting!

  7. This is a region I’ve never thought of discovering, I have always dreamed to travel to China, but as a huge country there are so many places to visit one could get lost! I really appreciate your itineraries because they’re so descriptive and practical!

  8. We’ve been there in China last 2 months and we really enjoy the beautiful place, scenery and the architecture there especially my kids. and this sounds like a great itinerary for you.

  9. You made it so clear for someone who hasn’t been there to know where to go. I would love to visit China some day. I love the culture and hey the food.

  10. I’ve been learning about China through chinese shows as well as chinese text so it’s quite surreal for me to be reading something about China through an english blog. Nice to see the different perspective here!

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