Singapore Discovery Centre – Big Playgrounds for Kids!

Singapore Discovery is the place for play, discover and learn. You can just let your kids run around to discover this huge indoor playground. Last month I brought my nephew and niece from Australia to pay a visit here.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

Singapore Discovery Center is like a museum, you get to learn about the past here. It is also like a big classroom, you see students both local and abroad having excursion here too.  The time we were there, we met a group of teen school students from Hong Kong.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

So Singapore Gallery

There is a short film showing all the unique thing about Singapore.  You will enjoy as it is quite funny and true about fellow Singaporean.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

Build It Game Centre

You get to play games in the big screen.  There are electronic games, booth and many other buttons for kids to step or press on.  The kids are wearing headsets and microphones to combat with the enemies.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

Many interactive exhibits for kids to explore, stir up their imagination and curiosity.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

On Location Reporter

If you wanted to see how you look like on TV, try the on location reporter. It allow you to choose from 20 stories on Singapore’s significant moments and report it on TV.   You also get to see the replay video of yourself.  My nephew did a very good job in reporting the TV hot news!

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!


Movies is included when you enter Singapore Discovery Centre. This is Singapore’s largest flat-screen theatre featuring 2D and 3D giant screen movies.  Check the timetable for the movies and plan your tour accordingly.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

Temporary Exhibition

Over here the theme get changed frequently.  There is a staff on duty who handed us the questionnaire and asked us to fill in the correct answer.  Kids can search the answer from the display in this exhibition. My nephew and niece were running around for 20 mins to search for the answer.  Very enthusiastic.

Once you have done with the questionnaire, hand back to the staff and a little present will be given to you.

Singapore Discovery Centre - Big Playgrounds for Kids!

Bus Tour Ride

There is also bus tour ride that bring you to SAFTI Military Institute where army officers are having their training and learning place.  There is a tour guide in the bus who will explain you throughout the whole bus ride.  Bus ride is about 30 mins.


Boat Rides – There are boat rides available at the man-made lake outside the Discovery Centre but do note only available on Public Holiday and weekends only.

Admission Fees – Free for Singaporean & PR.  Foreigners has to pay and there are various combo for you to choose from.

Canteen – There is a canteen serving western and local food.

Final thoughts:

I am glad to have brought my nephew and niece from overseas to pay a visit at the Singapore Discovery Centre.  They get to run around in this huge indoor 2 storey playground.  There are galleries and theatre rooms for them to see, to learn and to explore.  Also many interactive exhibits, machines with buttons for them to touch and press on.

If you want to avoid the heat and something indoor for kids, this is the place as the whole place is air-condition.  You can spend half a day.

36 Replies to “Singapore Discovery Centre – Big Playgrounds for Kids!”

  1. I’d love to bring my grandchildren as they would have so much fun. I know the older ones would be so excited with the Be a Reporter and to visit the theater with the 2D and 3D screens

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun for children as well as for grownups! The on Location Reporter is something I would like to try even as an adult 🙂 Also the Build it game Centre sounds like something one can enjoy doing with the children 🙂

    1. Dear Corina, Thanks for your comment. The on location reporter is really super fun. You get to see yourself on TV and there is a script for you to read aloud. Really fun to be pretend to be TV reporter.

  3. What a great place to spend some time as a family. I like that it is interactive and educational. It looks like you could spend a lot of time here.

    1. Dear Nicole,
      Thanks for your comment. You can spend half a day indoor and if weather permit during Public Holiday and weekends, there are also boat ride cost SGD$2 (USD1.5) per 15 mins at the manmade lake outdoor.

    1. Dear Hillcitybride,
      Thanks for your kind comment. It is really fun both for children and adults. The time when I was there, there are also group of foreign teens from HongKong, China 16-18 years old visiting this educational center.

  4. It is wonderful to see the wide range of activities that Singapore has to offer and definitely this is a great option for kids and their imagination!

    1. Dear Pat,
      Thanks for your comment. This is the great bonding time for parents, grandparents and children or grandchildren too. Lovely place to getaway if you like something indoor as it is air-conditional.

    1. Dear Marielle,

      Singapore Discovery Center is really huge indoor playground. The movie theater is also one of the best 3D one could get, it has seats up to 5 level high up with great sound system.

  5. What a great idea to explore a discovery centre. It sounds like a lot of educational fun for the little ones. I really hope you enjoyed it!

    1. Dear Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your comment. The little one are really so happy and running around like mad and good thing is noone will stop you from touching or pressing all these buttons /interative things. Children are free to express themselves and find out things.

    1. Dear Angie,
      Yes, this is a great place to getway and have fun indoor if you would like to stay away from the hot weather outdoor, since Singapore is always hot and humid all year round.

    1. Dear Sara,
      Thanks for your comment. Singapore is really small but still have plenty to explore. Be it nature or culture or food, lion city has something for everyone.

    1. Dear Carol,

      Totally agree this is a great place for the whole family, Adult too can enjoy something in Singapore Discovery Center, such as the movie theatre or boat ride.

  6. Well, the whole place looks like a nice deal, quite a package for all ages if I may say so. This should be a good place to spend some time away from the heat outside.

    1. Dear Esme,
      Thanks for your comment. I do agree Singapore Discovery Center offer a great package and deal as it include a moive, bus ride and many things to explore in the museum.

  7. Singapore is on my list if places to visit, glad I found your page for guidance if places to visit when am planning my trip.

    Travel blogs are so important and mak s life easier

  8. Ohhh I want to go to Singapore, it’s the top of my list for places to visit. Thank you for sharing your guides on where to go!

  9. I really wanted to visit Singapore. They say the place is so clean and awesome. Can’t wait to have my feet walk in its streets.

    1. Dear Jen,
      What you heard is totally correct, Singapore is clean and green. It is a garden city which is covered with lovely flora. There are over 2 million trees in the whole city. Cleanliness is also one of the thing we are proud of, trash bins are everywhere for people to throw their trash. You also get littering fine/penalty if you get caught by littering the city 🙂 . Beware, there are many cameras/cctv on the streets and at the stations.

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