Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

Turpan is one of the important city along Silk Road, located in Xinjiang. It is quite a unique city which is located in the Turpan Basin at the depth of 154 m below sea level, surrounded by deserts and mountains. Turpan is also the hottest city in China and also the driest places in the world.  These are the top 6 attractions to see in Turpan.

1. Journey to the West – Flaming Mountains  西游记火焰山

There is a world largest thermometer which is also Monkey King’s weapon – Ruyi Jingu Bang at the museum in Flaming Mountain. Check this out as it is still a working thermometer. If you come in summer, the heat can go up to 80’c. Please be prepared.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

2. Emin Minaret

The Emin Minaret is a blending Uyghur architecture and history with Islamic traditions. The tower is made of wood, mud and brick and also the tallest minaret in Xinjiang. Plenty of photo opportunities from all angles.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

3. Turpan Grape Valley 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Grape Valley is located on the west side of Flaming Mountain. So you can come here after visiting Flaming Mountain. You can taste the grapes during the harvest season in August, pick the right time to visit.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

4. Experience Uyghur Culture & Raisin Tasting at Uyghur village in Turpan

Uyghurs are one of the minority group in China out of the 56 groups. However there are very big population of Uyghur in Xinjiang. You will be dazzled by the bright colours of their traditional dresses and decoration of the Uyghur home.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

5. Karez Irrigation System

You get to see how smart the ancient people invented the irrigation system back 2000 years ago and turning parts of this hot desert into lush greenery.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

6. Jiaohe Ruins

Jiaohe Ruins is one of the important archaeological site in Yarnaz Valley, 10 km west of Turpan in Xinjiang China. The ruins are located along the Silk Road and best preserved ancient city in the world, a Unesco World Heritage Site. If you are in Xinjiang, this would be the number ONE must visit place! You can do Karez Well and Jiaohe as both are located nearby at the west of Turpan.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

Where I stay : Turpan Hotel Review : Maxirap le Grand Large Hotel & Food Review

Maxirap le Grand Large Hotel is located outskirt of Turpan City. There is no interesting shops to visit if you want to walk around at night as the hotel is only surrounded by big vineyards. The facilities of the hotel is moderate and not luxury, be mentally prepared. The Uyghur dinner at the hotel was delicious and interesting especially the moment the whole roasted lamb was pushed into our room by the Uyghur ladies.  Click the link above to check out the food review too.

Xinjiang : Top 6 places to visit in Turpan /吐鲁番

Final tips :

Flaming Mountain and Jiaohe Ruins are super hot if you explore in the summer.  You may want to do these places early in the morning to avoid the heat.

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  1. Oh wow, I am so intrigued by the thermometer. I love to travel and explore the “world’s best” or “world’s biggest” etc. It’s such a great lesson that we can learn so much from getting outside of our own little city.

    1. Dear Devyani,

      The closest airport is Turpan Jiaohe Airport, serving domestic flight. The airport is named after the famous ruin called Jiaohe Ruin. We took high speed train from Gansu Liuyuan to Turpan station. You can also take flight to Urumqi Diwopu Airport and take a bus to Turpan, about 3 hours ride.

    1. Dear Norbis,

      Turpan is the hottest place in China and in summer, the temperature can go up to 80’c. That’s pretty scary and the local will sleep at the rooftop instead of inside their house during summer. They have their bed at the rooftop but I didnt get to experience that. I am sure its going to be a fun experience to sleep outdoor.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this post. This is such a great resource for anyone visiting. I love reading blog post about top places to visit. Great Post!

  3. I love exploring ruins in foreign countries. I am so excited to see what China has to offer when travelling there next month.

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