Myanmar : Where to stay in Yangon? Taw Win Hotel Yangon – Review

During my 4 days 3 nights trip to Yangon, we stayed in Taw Win Garden Hotel. It is located 10 mins drive from Yangon city area; Swedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, the Colonial Buidings and Scott Market.  From the airport, it only took us 30 mins to arrive at the Taw Win Garden Hotel.

Nice Location

Few huge shopping complexes are conveniently located near the hotel.  Outside the hotel, there are lines of taxi drivers waiting for customers to pick them up so it is easy to call a taxi any time.

Ryay Road Train Station is Nearby

There is a train station nearby called Pyay Road Railway Station just 5 mins walk from the hotel.  You can catch the Yangon Circular Train to the Central Station Yangon – the city area with only 200 kyatt (USD 0.15). Experience withYangon Circular Train is highly recommended.

Some staffs are in their ethic traditional costume and headgear.

Lobby at 4th Floor

The lobby is at the fourth floor so it is a bit unusual, go up by the lift and do your check in at 4 floor. The lobby at 4th floor is really huge and spacious. Upon arrival we were treated with the welcome drinks. Staff at the counter all speak fluent English and friendly. “Minglabar” was heard and greeted by every staff in the hotel when they see you.

Burmese Harp – Saung

One of the icon in Myanmar have to be Saung, the Burmese Harp.  You see Saung once you touched down at the airport and basically everywhere.  I think Burmese is really proud with this ancient instrument.  Not exception here at Taw Win Garden Hotel, the huge Burmese harp was placed in the middle of the lobby too.

Night Entertainment

The lobby is decorated with different type of traditional music instruments all over the lobby hallway. You are allowed to hit and play with some of the music instrument here, eg the gong and the mullet provided. (near the restaurant for your breakfast)

At night, there are musicians performed and played with the traditional music instrument at the hotel lobby.  

Hotel Room Review

The hotel is bright, clean and spacious even for three adults.

The floor is carpeted and clean saddles are provided.

There is a balcony which overlooking the nearby neighborhood and a train track.

The downside is noise made by the old train every 20 mins to half an hour at this side of the room.  The noise stops after 9-10 pm at night. If you need total silence when you rest, then you may want to indicate not to face the rail track when you made your booking.

Bathroom Review

The bathroom is spacious and clean.  Basic toiletries are all available, shampoo conditional, body soaps, toothbrushes and hairdryer. Towels are white and clean.

Shower and Toilet

Clean bathrobe, new slippers, complimentary bottles of water are placed at the storage cabinet.

Gym Facilities Review

The gym facilities are well equipped with both cardio and weight sections.  Plenty of machines and all looking very new and neat.  There is a young & handsome gym instructor on duty showing you how to use the machine.

Weight section

Breakfast Review

The breakfast selection is huge from local Burmese cuisine to western.  There are several bars for you to choose from.

Salad Bar

Bread Corner

Noodles & Egg Corner

Burmese Tea

Burmese National Breakfast – Mohinga

There is a corner for Mohinga noodles, the broth base is quite starchy as it contain fish sauce, catfish, banana tree steam and chickpeas flour.  The noodles used usually are rice noodles/beehoon. Use the topping below such as spring onions, slice of fish cake, fried fritters and chili flakes.  I don’t quite like Mohinga as I don’t like the starchy broth with chickpeas, taste very Indian to me.

Mohinga – The National Breakfast for Burmese

Bar Counter

Nearby Shopping & Restaurant Review

There are few huge shopping complexes near Taw Win Garden Hotel.  One next to the hotel itself and you don’t have to cross the road.  There are restaurants and supermarket at the basement.

We have our lunch on one of the restaurants at the basement of the shopping complex next to the hotel on the first day of arrival.

Burmese Kyay-Oh

We ordered Kyay-Oh beehoon soup,  the traditional Burmese soup made with pork and egg and rice noodles.  The meatball are marinated. The duck noodles taste good and not sure what it is called.  The order dish is spicy chicken with chili & rice.

There is Daiso at the basement too.

Money Changes at the Basement of the shopping mall next to Taw Win Garden Hotel

Yangon Supermarket Review

Most of the things sold in the supermarket are imported from Malaysia, Korea, China or Japan, especially at the snacks area.  You see many snacks are from the Korean brand, Lotte.  Local snacks can be found too but without fancy packaging and without description so it is not appealing to buy at all.

Nearby Shopping Complex –  City Mall St John Review

City Mall St John is just across the street of Taw Win Garden Hotel.  This is one of the largest shopping complexes around this area. There are many restaurants located at third floor.  We came here twice for our dinner.

The first time we choose some fusion restaurant which has western and asian food.

  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio

  • Seafood Hotpot

  • Mangoes Flavour Korean Bingsu Dessert

On our way back, we spotten Ya Kun Coffee & Toast. 🙂

Tummour Myanmar Review

Tummour is Thai restaurant and have franchisee all over and one in City Mall St John.  We came back to City Mall and had our dinner on our last day in Yangon.

Our drinks @ Tummour

  • Stir fried kailan vegetable and roasted pork
  • Chicken with basil leaves

  • Seafood spicy salad with glass noodles

  • Fried Beef with salt and pepper

Inya Lake

Nearby is  Inya Lake, the largest lake in Yangon also popular recreational area for Yangon people. You may like to drop by to check this place, only 15 mins away by car.

University of Yangon

The University of Yangon is next to Inya Lake so you see a lot of young people having some leisure at lake area.

Final thoughts :

Taw Win Garden Hotel is really a nice and comfortable hotel, it it conveniently located near shopping malls and restaurans.  Just about half an hour away from the Yangon International Airport and 10 mins away from the heart of Yangon city, I think it is a ideal location for any travellers.

20 Replies to “Myanmar : Where to stay in Yangon? Taw Win Hotel Yangon – Review”

    1. Dear Alexandria,

      Taw Win Garden hotel offer very good breakfast range and you can try all sort of local cuisine here. Very clean and delicious. Yes, they do have a corner for western too, such as bread, bacon, fries and omelette.

    1. Dear Lyosha,

      Myanmar is still very affordable to travel now but there are still backward. Overall, it is a different experience for me and glad to visit Myanmar for the first time.

  1. Sounds like a fab place to stay, and it’s nice and near the airport too – there’s nothing worse than arriving after a long-haul flight and then having to travel for ages to get to a hotel.

    1. Dear Elizabeth,

      Yes, one thing I like about Taw Win Garden Hotel is it is just 30 mins away from the Yangon International Airport. I had an early flight home but I don’t have to worry too much as it is just nearby.

  2. I’ve not yet been to Myanmar, so I appreciate this hotel review! The national breakfast looks delicious, and a little different too! Will remember this for the future.

    1. Dear Lisa,

      Taw Win Garden Hotel is highly recommended as it is well located to the city and airport. It is clean and comfortable and very spacious too. Most importantly the price is reasonable.

    1. Dear Suzanne,

      Yes, the food are good but I only dine in restaurant and hotel. If you dare, please try their street food. I have weak stomach so I stay in my lane and don’t dare to try something very advanturous.

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