Myanmar : Yangon International Airport Review

Mingaladon Airport

If you think Yangon International Airport is really backward, then you are wrong. I was quite surprised to learn that Yangon International Airport is new and well maintained. When I arrived, there is jet bridge to bring the passengers to the airport terminal which is a good thing as we don’t have to walk down the stairs from the plane.  I didn’t expected there is a jet bridge at all.

The airport also called Mingaladon Airport as it is located in Mingaladon which is 15 km away north of Yangon city. There are two terminals in Yangon International Airport that is are a five-minute walk apart.

Arrival Review

The airport is very large and spacious with clean carpeted floor. The airport facilities are pretty good. The line for Customs immigration at arrival move pretty fast and staff are efficient and friendly.  They speak good English too.

Signboard in English

After you have exit the custom immigration, there is signboard showing in English where to take taxi.  We proceed to catch a taxi since we do not pre-book online from Klook.

Don’t get too shock with Men in skirts

One interesting scene when you first step out from the airport is to see most men and women wearing “sarong” or “longyi” – a long cloth wrap around your waist.

Transfer to Yangon City

There are many drivers ( not official taxi driver) standing outside the airport looking for customers.  A Burmese guy came to us and offer to drive us to our hotel in city.  We agreed at the price he asked for.  Usually cost USD 8.00- 15.00 to go to Yangon city area.

The Burmese driver offer great service as he also helped to push my luggage to his car.

Private Car Service, Not Taxi

It is a private car as you can see.  He also offer us some bottle drinks.  The Burmese driver is a friendly guy who speak fluent English.  He showed us his business card and ask if we have plans for the next few days in Yangon.  He owns a travel company and offer private tour services to bring tourists around.  We didn’t use his service for the next few days in Yangon and Bago because we have already done our online booking with Klook.

No far from the airport,  we see people selling snacks and flowers when cars stopped at the traffic lights.

Departure Review 

It is just about half an hour drive without traffic from Yangon city to the International Airport. To be safe, better add in more allowance time in case of traffic jam. An hour is more than enough. Departure hall of Yangon International is really pleasant. The lounges are clean and spacious. Line at the check in counter moves very fast and staffs work efficiently.

Big screen promoting places to visit in Myanmar at the departure hall.

There is a small model of Yangon International Airport located in the departure hall for visitors to look at how big the airport structure is.

Immigration Custom

Duty Free shopping

Once you have checked in, you can do some shopping inside the airport.  But do not expect high-end luxury brand such as Gucci or Chanel are opened here.

Ermenegildo Zegna Botique

Galleria Duty Free Shop

Self Serve Restaurant

If shopping is not your thing, then you can eat and rest while waiting for your flight.  KFC, Burger King and Thai Express are available.  Food selling at these restaurants are slightly cheaper than Singapore price.  I bought some KFC and the chicken tasted different and quite yummy.

There are few shops selling local souvenirs and handicraft but to be frank, Myanmar snacks are not attractive to buy back.  The packaging does not look appealing and attractive.

Final thoughts :

Yangon International Airport looks better than what I have expected for this country.  It is clean, floor is well carpetted and spacious.  Staff in airport are friendly and speak good English.  Overall a pleasant experience.


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  1. from experience, private cars are not the way to go — especially when they can they that you’re a tourist. I was once overcharged five times the actual amount!

    1. Dear Annick,
      Totally understand what you mean. Many people would worried of the private car as they are not the registered taxi. However,the private car in Yangon are pretty safe and the price is the same or cheaper than meter taxi car. I used private car to go to my hotel in city and it cost me USD 10. I have done little research and that’s rougly the right price. If you are worried, you may want to get Grab. Grab is very popular in Yangon and widely available.

    1. Dear Sincerelymissj,

      I hope my airport review for Yangon International airport will help anyone who is planning to fly in to Myanmar. To be frank, it is very organised and clean.

  2. Wow, nice airport. Airport is really one of the things you should consider when traveling. Been looking forward for a nice trip.

    1. Dear Suzanne,

      I have seen airports which are far better than Yangon Airport. I didn’t expect much from Yangon International Airport but turn out to exceed my expectation. I quite like the fast food restaurants after you have checked in. The KFC tasted quite nice, I think is Myanmar version.

  3. It seems like you have a wonderful time in visiting Yangon International Airport and this is a place that you need to consider every time you are going to travel.

    1. Dear Catherine,

      You are right. It was just a pleasant surprise for me to find out this airport as it has far exceeded my expectation. Myanmar is far backward so I thought their airport only have simply facilities. I was wrong! LOL.

    1. Dear Pati,

      You are so observant, you are right, the Yangon airport floor is indeed very clean and well maintained. However, it is not the case when you drive into the city of Yangon. Pretty scrappy! LOL.

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