Thailand Self Drive – Day 4 – Chiang Rai – White Temple & Mae Fah Luang University

8 days Self Drive in Thai ~ Day 4 ~ Lampang to Chiang Rai ~ 27 Dec 2016

  • Jungle Breakfast at Lampang River Lodge 

The weather in the morning was very chilling, we had to walk pass a suspension bridge to the restaurant for our breakfast.  I find the suspension bridge was pretty cool and I have to walk slowly to prevent it from shaking too much.  Having breakfast beside the riverbank jungle was a wonderful way to start our day.

We checked out the Lampang River Lodge Hotel as usual at around 9 am and headed to Chiang Rai.  The distance from Lampang to Chiang Rai is about 227km, 3 hours in total.

  • Stopover in Phayao  – middle of highway to Chiang Rai

We stopped at a small town called Phayao to fill in gas and as usual we had our coffee at the Amazon Cafe.  After the coffee break, I took a look at the nearby stall which was selling some local delights.  I tried some of the bbq pork in the stick but later on I felt uneasy for my stomach.  I have a very weak stomach.  Luckily I had some medicine from the first day which I got them from Ayuthaya 7 Eleven stall.

We rested half an hour in the Amazon cafe then we were on the highway again.  The road to Chiang Rai was quite wide and smooth but it was also very twisted.  Still I find it very safe, no holes on the highway and there are always 2 lanes for cars.

I saw many stalls opened for business along the highway to Chiang Rai.  We did not stop by to check what they were selling.  From afar, I could only guess those were tiny melon.  I wonder why the melons were so small?  May be not enough of nutrient to grow bigger.

We stopped by before noon in this place along the highway, I do not know the name of the place, it look like a warehouse.  We just stopped by because we saw this gigantic “Incredible Hulk” statue at the entrance of the showroom.  Surprisingly the incredible Hulk status is in white color.  I guess he has not turned on the beast mode which suppose to be green. Throughout my 8 days self drive in Thailand, I saw roosters were used to decorated at the front of the houses and shops.  This rooster in the picture look super huge.

Inside the warehouse, I found colorful and fancy cars displayed beautifully there.

  • Noodle Lunch near white temple 

We arrived Chiang Rai at around 2m plus and had the Thai Wanton noodles 40 bahts per bowl.  I chose to eat here because the noodle shop is near the White temple.  Noodles tasted so so, at least it filled my stomach.

We actually wanted to visit the white temple after our lunch but the weather was just too hot and we also saw the white temple were very crowded so we changed our first destination to the Thai Singha Beer Park which is only 20 mins drive from the white temple.

  • Singha Park Chiang Rai
  • Karen long neck village – we did not go in

One thing good about this hotel is, it is only 5 mins drive from the Karen Long Neck village.  There were actually 2 Karen Long Neck village but the google map has brought us to the other Long Neck village which is about 20 mins drive from our hotel.

I took a picture outside of the Karen Long Neck village. It is really located in the middle of paddy fields/jungle.

Before we entered the Karen Long Neck village, there were some native selling the souvenirs.  I saw this little cute girl just came back from school as she was wearing the school uniform.  She was nice enough to pose a beautiful smile with the exquisite headgear.

After we walked pass the souvenir stalls, there was a man standing to ask for entrance fees, 300 baht per person.  I thought it was a bit expensive and decided not to visit the Long Neck village.  After all human zoo is kind of mean . I was struggling whether to go or not….

Well, we were staying in Chiang Rai 2 nights so we can always come back again to the Long Neck village if we changed our mind. We did not visit the long neck village on that day.

  • The Mae Fah Luang university – most beautiful University in Thailand

The time when we left the Karen long neck village, it was around evening time, we then went to have a look at the University of Chiang Rai, I heard it was“ University in the Park”: known as the most beautiful university in Thailand with a commitment to being green and environmentally friendly.

The Mae Fah Luang university is named in honour of the King’s Mother.  Below is the status of the King’s Mother. Local Thai people call her Mae Fah Luang.

Around the university campus I saw three young nursing students waiting at the bus stop. I specially like the bus stop signboard saying: ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ”

Weather in the evening was so much cooler as compared to the afternoon.  Strolling in the University garden has made me feel all nostalgic.  It reminded me of my university years in Australia and Japan.

The sun was setting down soon and we hurried to find a restaurant to fill our stomachs before it was too dark.

  • Shabu shubu dinner at Japanese restaurant

Today was the day 4 in Thailand, and we thought of having a change in our menu for dinner, so we had Shabu Shabu steamboat in a Japanese restaurant just next to our Hotel, Phufa Waree Chiang Rai Resort.  It was a buffet which include; slice of pork, chicken mince and vegetable.  There were also some sushi california rolls and Takoyaki given as side dish.  I find it reasonable, just 299 Baht per person.  I ate the hot shabu shabu eagerly which burned my tongue. After dinner we walked back to our hotel to have an early rest.

  • A weird day

Day 4 was a weird day, first we went to the white temple but it was too crowded, so we decided not go in the temple.  We went to Singha Beer Park, we did not manage to get the tickets for the tram to visit the petting zoo and other parts of the park.  Lastly, we went to Karen Long Neck Village but we were hesitate to visit the village because we still wanted to check out the other Karen Long Neck village which is only 5 mins drive from our hotel.  It looks like day 4 was not a smooth day.

Day 4 – Summary Itinerary

  • Lampang – Chiang Rai (227km)
  • Toilet break stopover at Phayao
  • White temple Chiang Mai
  • Singha Beer Park
  • Taking picture outside the Karen Long neck village
  • Mae Fah Luang University
  • Phufa Waree Chiangrai Resort

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