Top attractions in Singapore Chinatown 牛车水

Welcome to Chinatown in Singapore/牛车水

Chinese translation of the Chinatown is Ox Cart Water, such a cute name right?  Do you know why it was called as Cow Car Water or Ox Cart Water?  Lets go back to the history,  this is due to the fact that Chinatown’s water supply was principally transported by animal-driven carts in the 19th century.

Al-fresco Dinning

There is always food in Chinatown and there is a famous spot for you to try out all different kind of local cuisine here at the Al-fresco Dining street located at Smith Street.  You can taste the local delight, such as  Char Kway Teow noodle, mouthwatering Satay sticks with peanuts, desert such as Ice-kacang and many more.

Durian – King of Fruits

You can try out either fresh durian or durian cake/ice-cream here.

Durian Bak Kwa by Hu Zheng Long

Have you ever tasted Durian Bak Kwa?  I know now there are many kind of Bak Kwa, such as Apple Bak Kwa, Pineapple Bak Kwa, Lychee Bak Kwa, Duck Bak Kwa but the most expensive on the list is the Durian Bak Kwa, up SGD$120 per kg.  Yes, it is located in Chinatown, if you are a durian lover and bak kwa lover, try this out.

Tai Chong Kok at Sago Street

Tai Chong Kok traditionally sell Chinese pastries such as mooncake, snacks. Tai Chong Kok brand is famous among the older generation.  The shop is decorated in the ancient style with few colorful Chinese masks hanging on top which make it quite attractive.

Cheap souvenirs 

This is the place to get your souvenirs in very cheap price.  Things like cushion covers, keys chain, lantern and many mores that you name for can be found here.  It is a very good place to shop for tourists.

Bruce Lee Mural at Chinatown

This mural is located at the cross junction of Trengganu St & Smith St (behind Tooth Relic Temple).  It is at the entrance of hawkers center food court in Chinatown.  School of Design participated in this beautiful mural artwork.  Go find them if you a fan of Bruce Lee.

People’s Park Complex/珍珠坊

Below is the 103 m high and 31 Storey People’s Park Complex building – the first shopping center of its kind in Southest Asia.  It was the largest shopping complexes back in 70’s.  Now, still have many old people prefer shopping in People’s Park complex rather then going to Orchard Road or MBS.

Tintin store in Pagoda Street

If you are a Tintin fan, there is a good news for you.  You can find Tintin store located on 28 Pagoda Street.  There are variety of things to to see in the Tintin shops, go check out the adventures of Tintin!

Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown

It is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore built by immigrants from South India back in 1827. And yes, it is an Indian Hindu temple located in Chinatown, that’s why make it special! Actually the temple was initially supposed to be built along Telok Ayer, that area has lack of water supply for Hindu rituals in the old days so it is located in Chinatown instead.

The temple is famous for it protection against diseases and illness, go visit this colorful and oldest Hindu temple if you happen to be in Chinatown.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
The temple is based on the Tang dynasty architectural style and built to house the tooth relic of the historical Buddha.

The ground floor of the temple may be flooded with tourists and local visitors but if you go up the higher floor, you could enjoy more serene peace and beautiful views of the Chinatown.

The Pinnacle@Duxton

The Pinnacle@Duxton is an award-winning 50 storey residential development in Singapore. What make it special is the world’s two longest sky garden of 500 m each on both the 26th and 50th floors. This is the world’s tallest public housing.  It looks like a private condo to me.

New VS Old Housing Development Board/HDB in Singapore

Check out the old public housing HDB, picture as below.  Big difference, right.

Keong Saik Road 

This street here offers coolest restaurants and bars in town.

Keong Saik Road is a colorful and vibrant road with many photo opportunities.

This road is used to be hooker nests but now it has transformed into beautiful Peranakan shop houses and well preserved heritage building.

Colorful building along Keong Saik Road

Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar 

This is a smaller Hindu temple located in Keong Saik Road.  You can just take a picture from the outside if you have already been to the oldest temple Sri Mariamman Temple.

Beautiful street art in Chinatown

The Pinnacle@Duxton

A closer look of the The Pinnacle@Duxton, the award winning 50 storeys residential, world class HDB in Singapore.

How to get Chinatown?

Use Exit A (Pagoda Street) of North-East MRT line’s Chinatown station.

Welcome to Chinatown in Singapore/牛车水 Summary

  • Al-fresco Dinning at food street ChinatownSingapore
  • Durian – King of Fruits
  • Durian Bak Kwa by Hu Zheng Long
  • Tai Chong Kok at Sago Street
  • Cheap souvenirs 
  • Bruce Lee Mural at Chinatown
  • People’s Park Complex/珍珠坊
  • Tintin store in Pagoda Street
  • Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
  • New VS Old Housing Development Board/HDB in Singapore
  • Keong Saik Road 
  • Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar 
  • The Pinnacle@Duxton

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