Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Grape Valley is located on the west side of Flaming Mountain. After visiting Flaming mountain in the early morning, next to visit is Grape Valley. When we were in Flaming Mountain, there is not a single tree found but once we drove away from Flaming Mountain, you see lush greenery which is total contrast from earlier site.

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

The air in Turpan is very dry and weather is very hot so it is ideal for growing grapes.  The grapes also tasted especially sweet in this place!  That is due to plenty of sunlight and little raindrops.  Every year there are 300 tons of raisin produce here.

People called Xinjiang as “The Grape Capital” of China. Grape culture has been existed for several hundred years. When you entered the valley, you will find yourself surrounded by green orchards and vineyards. You also feel very cooling and relaxing atmosphere over here.

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

If you think the red grapes are sweeter then you are wrong. The seedless white grapes are the most popular one, it is called ‘Wuhebai’ in Chinese. It has the highest sugar content in the world.  People in Xinjiang prefer the green than the red one.

Local farmers also make raisins from the grapes in a special drying rooms. It usually takes about one month for the grapes to dry into raisin then get shipped all over China.

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

The signboard telling visitors not to pluck the grapes.  You will see Uyghur language at the signboard too.

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Souvenirs stalls in Grapes Valley Turpan

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

Final thoughts :

You can actually see grapes vineyards everywhere in Turpan Xinjiang, not just in the Grapes Valley.  In fact, there are plenty of grapes vineyards outside of where we stayed in our hotel.

It was ashamed that we didn’t get to taste any of the grapes as it was not during grapes harvest season yet.  Grapes festival harvest in August.  But we managed try out all sort of raisin in Turpan on my next visit at Uyghur’s village.

However, it is still very interesting to see a grape valley in the middle of a hot desert! I guess the agriculture made possible by the Karez system bringing water to the valley!

Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟

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55 Replies to “Xinjiang :Grape Valley in the middle of Hot Desert Turpan! 吐鲁番葡萄沟”

    1. Dear Namrastan,

      That was a pity that we didnt get to taste the grapes as it was not during grapes harvest season. August is the grapes harvest season, go during that time to enjoy as much grapes as possible!

    1. Dear Chantele,

      Glad you have done some China tour before. China is so huge and all regions has their own culture and can be very different. For exmaple people in the south of China eat rice as their main meal but people from the north eat bread or noodles/flour instead. This part of China which I explored was in Xinjiang. This is another unique region and majority of the ethnic Uyghurs stay here. Uyghurs are colorful people and love to dance and sing! They look different from the majority Han Chinese. Their feature look like Turkish people or Central Asia. Uyghurs are Turkic ethnic group.

  1. The place looks looks amazing..lovely pics…the effort put in by the people to create the green belt in the mid if desert is great..
    God bless you

    1. Dear Nubian,
      For someone who lives in South East Asia, vineyard is pretty luxury thing to see. We dont have vineyard as the weather here does not permit for grapes growing. Yes, to be able to take a rest and enjoy the greenery in the vineyard in the middle of the hot desert was a pretty interesting thing during my tour in Turpan Xinjiang China.

    1. Dear Tizzy,

      The vendor stalls are colorful people selling colorful stuff. Many of the vendors are Uyghur family. Uyghur culture are very colorful, the girls usually wear long braids and wearing very colorful long clothes. There are traditional musical instruments like Dutar, Rawap and Khushtar get displayed at the stalls for sales. I bought one rawap musical instrument, cost me about SGD 30 ( USD 25 ) It is a long necked stringed intrument used in folk music, look like a guitar but cuter!

  2. You got me running to my refrigerator with those juicy looking grapes. It’s quite interesting to see the grapes survive the hot desert. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never been in China but I know there’s a lot of beautiful spots that can be visit in that country and one this is that place. I hope to be there one of these days so that I can explore that beauty of Turpan Desert.

    1. Dear Catherine,

      China is no doubt a great country to visit for it culture or scenery. As compared to 10 years ago, China has gotten more expensive to visit! You know they are doing well and their RMB is appreciating! My advise is to visit China asap before their money RMB get to high!! Lol.

  4. Never been to China but I wanted to go there, The grapes looks delicious and the fabrics, gosh the fabrics and artifacts are very amazing. Reading this article made me more interested in China culture and everything about it.

    1. Dear Rosey,
      Thanks for your comment. The hotel that we stayed in Turpan is just beside the grapes vineyard! Really nice thing to get up in the morning and welcome by the greenery vineyard!

  5. A really nice tour across an amazing rural Chinese vine yard thousands miles far from my country. It is really astonishing that how these greenery maintained its existance despite the presence of arid region near it.

    1. Dear Ana,
      It is a little pity the grapes was not ripening yet. The harvest time is in August and we were there during Jun. However we get to see grapes hanging at the vineyard and it is truly beautiful!

  6. Wow, your pictures look beautiful, like a paradise in the desert. I’ve never visited China, and didn’t realize they had a grape-growing region, so thank you for teaching me something new and expanding my perceptions! If I ever visit, this will be on my itinerary!

    1. Dear Susan,

      Many people do not know China has a big region of grape vineyard. In fact China is the third largest raisin exporter after US and Turkey. But one thing weird – winery is not popular here. Probably people dont believe Chinese people can make wine and also China has lack of experience in this field as compared to the West eg France. 🙂 China people are good at making their traditional “kaoliang” alcohol instead, which has higher alcohol percentage up to 58%.

  7. The pictures make me feel like I am there, this sounds like a great place to go for a holiday. Truth is I have never seen grapes grow on trees, so this fascinates me so much, thank you for sharing.

    1. Dear Nafisha,

      Seeing vineyard was not the first for me but the previous vinyard I visited in Australia was for winery where I got to taste the wines and cheese. Turpan grape valley has no winery at all 🙂 A little bit different experience from the vineyard from the WEST.

    1. Dear Nicole,

      One thing to note is choose the correct timing if you wanted to taste the grapes. August is the grapes harvest season. Go during this season, you also got the enjoy the harvest festival which is quite fun I heard.

    1. Dear Tachira,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. Plucking the grapes is a no no in this place. There is a signboard telling visitors penalty fine if you are too tempted and being caught plucking any of the grapes hanging there. Hahaha.

  8. It’s sad you could not taste the grapes. They look so yummy. The colorful fabrics are also really beautiful. I would love to add some of the souvenirs from there to my collection.

    1. Dear Tanvi,

      Many people think China is still undeveloped but you will be surprised how sophisticatied it is at some of the big cities. If you are a beginner, start with cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Silk Road is for Chinese Advance travelers 🙂

  9. I just love the pictures you shared to go with this post! They really help make the experience come to life. Grapevine in the desert. How ingenious! Shame you didn’t get to taste any of the grapes but it seems you had an amazing time and I guess that’s all that matters.

  10. China is fascinating isn’t it? I was there few years ago and totally loved the south but didn’t got the chance to explore this part of the country. going to bookmark it.

    1. Dear Anna,

      South of China and North are totally different culture. People from the North are taller and also eat bread/noodles (flour) while the people from the south are shorter in build and prefer to eat rice instead.

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