Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

During my self drive trip in Shikoku Island, I choose to stay in a remote area called Yashima. A roof top mountain about 20 mins away from Takamatsu city. Because Yashima is so remote, there is no restaurants and no shops operating after 5 pm so we decided to buy the food in the supermarket in Takamatsu city and bring up to our hotel to eat. Our hotel has nice sea facing view and the room is really spacious and comfortable. The good thing with self driving is you get to explore to more remote part of Japan. Usually hotel that is situated far away from the train station or out-of-town offer really spacious and serene environment to attract their guests.

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Now, lets got back to shopping in the local supermarket in Takamatsu city. The Supermarket is called Direx. Outside the supermarket, it has two big words saying “薬/ kusuri / medicine” and “酒 / sake / alcohol”. It is basically a normal supermarket which offer food, vegetable, snacks, alcohol and medicine. Expect very little home stuff such as shampoo and soap and clothing as those thing are selling in Daiso. The supermarket here is solely focus on food.

Things are actually cheap 

When tourists visit Japan, they usually don’t visit the local supermarket instead they dine at the restaurant. Visiting the local supermarket is one of the best part in our travel in Japan. We love to see what the local eat and use. We have discovered things in Japan actually is quite cheap, especially if you buy them in local supermarket.

Imported vegetables and meats are usually cheaper than the local product. This is to protect the local farmer and Japanese prefer to consume their local vegetables and meat as they have more trust on their own local food.

Ready-made Dishes 

Ready-made side dishes are particularly popular and can be seen in most supermarket. Unlike convenience store food, they are often made right there in the supermarkets for maximum freshness.  Check out their ready-made side dishes and I have rounded the price for easy reading.

Sushi @ 400 yen to 800 yen / USD 3.60 to USD 7.10 

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Sashimi @ 300 yen to 400 yen (USD 2.70 to USD 3.60)

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Assorted Nigiri Sushi

  • @ 400 Yen / USD 3.60 for 10pcs
  • @ 600 yen/USD 5.30 for 12pcs

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Various Bento Set @ 300- 600yen / USD 2.70 – USD 5.30

All kind of bento such as katsu don, kyudon and many more. If you are here near the closing time, all bento set will be having more price reduction.

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

BBQ skewered & Assorted tempura 

  • Yakitori / Chicken @77 yen / USD 0.70 each
  • Assorted tempura price range around @ 100 yen /USD 0.90

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Alcohol Corner @ 200-300 yen / USD 1.80 -USD 2.70 each can of beer

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Japanese Tsumami or Snacks  @ 200 to 400 yen / USD 1.80 -USD 3.70

It is good to get all your snacks here as it is cheaper and without the fancy wrapping and boxes which save the environment.

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

This is what we going to pay at the cashier.  Please use a basket to put on the shopping cart.  We have forgotten to put the basket on top of the shopping cart so things seems to fall off.

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

There is a cashier to help you scan all the things but they do not pack things into the plastic bag instead they will transfer all things into another backet.  You have to carry the basket of things and put them all in the plastic bags.  Some places still provide free plastic bags but some place need about 5 to 10 yen each/ USD 0.04- 0.09

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Parking at Supermarket

Parking is usually free and plenty of parking lot outside the supermarket.

Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu

Final thoughts :

Touring in local supermarket is really an enjoyable thing you can’t miss in Japan. With the advantages of self drive, we have the luxury to drive to the local neighborhood and shop like a local. You will be surprised at how cheap thing are in Japan.

38 Replies to “Japan Shikoku : Japanese Neighbourhood Supermarket Tour at Takamatsu”

  1. those sushi look SO GOOOOOOOD. My whole family has been to Japan a few times (all without me – boohoo!) and I’ve been told that even the average, street corner store has incredible sushi

  2. So incredibly to see a different perspective on the supermarket. Traveling the world would be incredible. Thank you for sharing your experience in Japan!

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      Visiting the local supermarket gives us a glimpse of the local lifestyle and living standard. One thing I love most is to discover the new food in the local supermarket and try them.

  3. I love going to supermarkets where I travel to new countries. I find it part of the local culture and I always find yummy treats for so much cheaper. I would love to visit a supermarket in Japan!

    1. Dear Terri,

      One of the favorite thing to do in Japan is visiting the local supermarket. The best thing is they offer a huge variety of ready made food in bento set! A great bargain for budget travellers to find food. The best thing is you don’t have to bring home to cook. Just open it and eat.

    1. Dear Jess,

      Japan is a country that is old and full of tradition which make it very appealing to tourists from around the world. It is also very modern and futuristic as many things are automated by machine.

    1. Dear Emily,

      I have been to Japan many times and everytime I look forward to visit their local supermarket. Great place to grab ready food meal and also get local snacks to bring home. Over here in my country, the Japanese snacks are so expensive and cost double to triple of the local price.

    1. Dear Shar,

      The sushi bento set is really cheap selling at local supermarket. From less than USD 3 dollar for 10pcs to USD 6 for 12pcs. What a great bargain. Ready made food sell in supermarket usually are fresh and made on the same day.

  4. Local food like this can be so much better! I love shopping at local supermarkets no matter where I go. Yes so many restaurants serve delicious food, but nothing beats the cheap delicious local food.

    1. Dear Jasmine,

      Getting sushi bento in the supermarket is the smartest way, cheap and fresh. Can you believe an assorted sushi bento with 10pcs only cost less than USD 3.00? That’s pretty crazy price right?

    1. Dear Tesha,
      You are right, Shikoku is fairly remote and untouched in Japan as compared to the other islands such as Hokkaido and Kyushu & Honshu. In fact, it is the least visited of the four islands in Japan. The good thing is everything is very cheap, the food and the hotel stay.

  5. Thank you for this detailed insight into the Japanese supermarket. I’ve not visited Japan yet – and no one shares these kinds of photos and information about something that is so everyday to locals but so exotic and interesting to people from afar.
    xx Luci

  6. I have never been to Japan yet but I wish to be there someday to see their beautiful spots, scenery and want to see how discipline they are. I am going to that store once I visit Japan for me to be able to experience everything you mentioned in this article.

    1. Dear Catherine,
      Japan is indeed a culture of discipline country, everything are in order and things has to be done in a certain way. Even how people eat, sit, stand and move their body. I learn all this during my postgraduate studies in Japan years ago. Having stayed in Japan for several years, I have learn to live more organised and mindful of others. (No, I don’t eat and move like Japanese). LOL
      Regardless of how many times I re-visit Japan, the feeling of getting to learn more of this facinating country never leaves me.

    1. Dear Shannon,

      I love doing neighborhood shopping in the local supermarket as it gives me an insights of how the local live their life. I found out the local fruits and meat are more expensive than the important one as it is the way to protect the local farmers. I was told by my Japanese friends that they prefer local products as it is safer they think and have peace of mind when consume them. 🙂

  7. That is so good to know. I love how you took pictures of the items and then listed both of the currencies. Look at all that sushi and sashimi it looks so delicious.

    1. Dear Meagan,

      Thank you for your comment. I was frequently being asked the standard of living in Japan. I hope by listing out the price tags, readers will roughly know the living standard and things in supermarket are actually very affordable and convenient too, ready made dishes are abundant. Also there is another cheaper options to travel in Japan too.

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