Tanjung Rhu, One Of The Nicest Neighborhood in Singapore!

Name came from a Tree in Malay – Pokok Rhu

Tanjong Rhu was named after the casuarina trees that grew along the coasts of Kallang and Rochor. Casuarina trees are known as pokok rhu in Malay. The name has been in use since as early as 17th century. However the former name is called Sandy Point. This place has became an affluent residential neighborhood in Kallang, central region of Singapore. Truly beautiful place for an evening stroll.

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

Residents from the Tanjong Rhu district and members of the public can walk across the Geylang River using this footbridge to access the Singapore Sports Hub.

Marina Yard

Raffles had intended for Tanjong Rhu to be a “marina yard” and many other shipbuilding business followed. By the early 20th century, Tanjung Rhu had become known for its shipyards.

Tanjong Rhu Watchtower

The lookout tower are prettiest during sunrise or sunset, also great spot for photography.

Every sport you can imagine is enjoyed here, such as football.

The area has become more accessible, and buzzes with energy as a hangout for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

I saw people having picnics on open grass patches, children with their scooters and bikes, dog lovers gather to let their dogs socializing and playing. Everyone seems to enjoy the laid back atmosphere here!

Private Residential Facing the Waterfront

Singapore Indoor Stadium & Singapore National Stadium

The Indoor stadium is within walking distance of the Singapore National Stadium.

Singapore National Stadium

The National Stadium feature a domed roof structure and also the worlds largest retractable dome! The retractable roof itself will take an approximate 25 minutes to open or close. That way, you don’t have to worry when the rain  pours. The special roof is made out of insulated metal to reflect sunlight.

The design is versatile, the lowest tier of seats can be mechanically and automatically retracted, making the National Stadium to accommodate events from football, rugby, cricket and athletics, to concerts, cultural shows and community events at any time of the year.

Singapore Indoor Stadium

The cone shaped roof Indoor Stadium was designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.  It looks like a modern pyramid 🙂

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