US Hotel Review : Palm Mountain Resort & Spa @ Palm Springs

During my road trip in California Palm Springs, I choose to stay at Palm Mountain Resort & Spa. Palm Mountain Resort & Spa is cosy and pretty. It is very convenient as it is located at the heard of downtown Palm Springs. You can just walk across the streets – less than 3 mins and you are at the busy downtown area. Hence there is no problem to find food if you are hungry, plenty of restaurants at downtown Palm Springs.

Nice Deco

It is a pleasant surprise when you enter the resort, at the entrance you will find two “funky” chair at the corner.  Guest could probably sit there while waiting for their taxi or transport to pick them up.

Palm Mountain Front Desk

The lobby hall isn’t grand but very cosy and nice decoration, especially it adapt the bright colors in their sofa and other furnitures.

Glass Ceiling

The ceiling at the lobby uses glass so it is very bright during the day.  On top of the ceiling there are few round art masterpiece to highlight the space.

Al Fresco

There are plenty of resting area, one at the side road of the hotel.  If you wish to have some sunlights and fresh air, then there are always open space for you.


The pool is surrounded by the low rise hotel rooms.  You can see the pool from veranda of hotel rooms.  Pool is well maintain, no leaves or dirty object.  Same goes the resting areas beside the pool.  All the sun tanning chairs are line up nicely beside the pool.  Very pleasant just to look at it.

You will notice hotel were surrounded by layer of mountains behind it, very near,  as if next to it.  I find this is very unique, one of Palm Springs characters.


The room is very clean and it has all the basic things.  There is a ceiling fan as well as air-conditional.

Heater/air condition is placed below the window panel.

Pool towels are placed inside the room, below the TV.  Complimentary mineral water are provided.

Coffee maker, microwave oven and fridge

Inside the wardrobe, you will find  a deposit safe box and an extra pillow and blanket.


Bathroom is small but well equipped with clean towels and other toileteries .

Bathtub with curtain.

Palm Mountain Spa

You may want to relax and give yourself a treat at the spa in the hotel.


Free parking is at the side of the hotel, do inform the front desk so that they can issue a card for you to place at the dashboard of your car.

Final thoughts :

Palm Mountain Resort & Spa give me a good surprise the minutes I enter the hotel as it is decorated lively and full of bright colors.  Everything in this hotel is pretty neat and tidy.

I love how this hotel is so convenient to downtown Palm Springs, just within 3 mins walking distance and yet it is very quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It is actually located behind the main street of Palm Spring downtown.

Final last thing I love about this hotel – it is surrounded by layers of mountain so it is very pretty if you stand in front of your veranda of the hotel room overseeing the pool and mountains.

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28 Replies to “US Hotel Review : Palm Mountain Resort & Spa @ Palm Springs”

  1. This looks like a lovely spa to visit. I like how vibrant the decor is and how it is located close to Palm Springs but within the mountains. It looks like a wonderful visit.

  2. This looks like a great place! I could use a little time in Palm Springs, and it looks like the right place to start looking 🙂

    1. Dear Megan,
      This hotel is so near to the city, just behind the main street of the city center. It is so convenient to walk over to find food and shop. Don’t worry, it is pretty quiet too as the hotel is nested at the back of the busy street. Totally no noise.

  3. This looks like a wonderful place to stay. I’d definitely be spending loads of time around the pool and in the spa. Adding it to my list for the next time I’m in the area!

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Great idea to stay at the pool side. If it is summer, I would be staying at the pool side whole day. I like how you can also see the mountains surrounding the poolside.

    1. Dear Wendy,
      Thanks for your comment. Palm Mountain resort is certainly a cosy place to stay over. I like how it is so near to the downtown and you can just walk over to get your dinner.

    1. Dear Annerbananer,

      Palms Springs is a hidden gem in California, just few hours drive from LA and Hollywood, you find this beautiful place to explore. Come on Thursday and see Palm Spring Night Market from 6 pm onwards. You will see whole town come out to do business and pretty happening night and quite entertaining!

  4. It is stunning! This is such a nice area too. I love everything they have going on around here, not that I’ve been very often. I do hope to go here next year though!!

    1. Dear Tiffany,
      Thanks for your comment, it is certainly a nice getway to relax and check out the “palm trees” in this area, especially for people like me who don’t get to see such unique palm trees from where I came from.

    1. Palm Springs is really a hidden gem in California. Now I understand why Palm Springs used to be act as another playground for the Hollywood celebrities, the city is just awesome and full of “Palm” vibes!

  5. Great looking place especially the Al Fresco. I might come down to Palm Springs sometime this year so I’ll bookmark this one. Those fancy chairs better be there when I come, haha!

    1. Dear Esme,
      Thanks for your comment. The fancy chairs is at the front lobby when you enter the hotel. I guess there are there for guest to sit while waiting for their taxi or transport.

    1. Dear Miljance,
      Thanks for your comment. The Palm resort Spa is beautiful, clean and nice vibes. Close to the downtown and yet so quiet. I would strongly recommend to anyone who wanted to stay in Palm Spring!

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