Japan self drive in Central Region – Day 7 – Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture

Japan Self Drive in Central Region – Day 7 – Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture 

Hotel Mt. Fuji

The weather was really great when we woke up in the morning in Hotel Mt.Fuji, we took more pictures from the garden with Mt Fuji at our background.  It was a sunny day but with strong winds.  It was a cold morning.


Picture taken in the car not far from Hotel Mt.Fuji, on our way to Hakone

We stopped by a photo spot on the highway to take some nice photos.  I could not smile properly because the wind was so strong.  The strong wind also caused me to have a very serious headache that day.

After taking some photos, we went in the souvenirs shop and found some delicate Japanese candy which was quite hard to resist.

Mt Fuji Station 5/Gotemba Trail

We arrived in Mt Fuji Station 5/Gotemba Trail at around 10am but it was already full with tourists and big tour buses.  This is a popular sightseeing spot and above 2300m high sea level.  We went up to the observatory point where we could see the unblock view of Mt Fuji.  I remembered an old man from mainland China fell down because the observatory point was so crowded and slippery due to some early rain, but he was fine.  I guess he must be too eager and excited to see the Mt Fuji View.  This is also the entrance to Yoshida Trail, the most popular route for climbing Mount Fuji but the trail was closed due to bad weather that day.


We arrived in Hakone before noon and wanted to do an early check in but we could not check in the hotel as yet because it was still early.  Normal check in time is about 2pm. We then drove to Hakone Open Air Museum and had our buffet lunch there.  We did not explore much and no photos taken because I was still suffering serious headache.  We parked our car in the Hakone Open Air Museum and the staff reminded me that the car park will be closed at 5pm.

The Open Ari Museum is one of the highlight in Hakone, it was ashamed that we did not really get to explore it, especially there is a pavilion which was specially dedicated to Picasso.


We walked to the nearby train station to go to Odawara.  Traveling by train was a different experience compared to travel by car.  The reason why we wanted to try train this time because Hakone area is very busy with traffic.  Tokyo is only slightly more than an hour drive from Hakone, so this place is quite crowded and very challenging to find parking lots too.

Red train going to Odawara.  Bought a Hakone inari bento/lunch box, wrapped in nice wrapping paper in the train station.

It took us almost 1 and half hour to arrive Odawara train station.  The train was moving very slow, exactly like a tortoise, may be the train master wanted us to enjoy the stunning scenery of Hakone.  When we arrived in Odawara, it was almost 4pm.  We then realized the car park in the Open Air Museum closed at 5pm, so we needed to rush back before the car park was closed.  We did not get to go out to see Odawara city.  Anyway, the station is packed with people, so busy!  We were lucky we were in the countryside of Japan for the past few day, so relaxing and laid back.

Our luggages were still inside the car.  We quickly rushed back to the Open Air Museum station.  We reached the Open Air Museum station at 4.45pm and managed to get our car at 4.55pm!  What a day!

Day 7 – Itinerary

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