Japan 8 days self drive in Central Region – Summary Itinerary

Japan Central Region / Chubu Road Map

We like to self drive within Japan outskirt cities, driving within major big cities is not recommended due to the heavy traffic and extremely narrow roads.  Most sign are posted in “Romaji”- in English which is readable for foreigner. If you read Kanji/Chinese Character, you have the advantage of reading both in the signboard.  I strongly recommend getting in a car and driving around the outskirt of Japan, this is the way to see the beautiful “inaka”/countryside of Japan.  It is also more economical than buying expensive “shinkasen”/bullet train tickets or normal train tickets if you have pax of 4.  Furthermore taxi cost a bomb in Japan.

Our rental car with 1500-1800cc cost about 9000-13500yen (USD 80-100) per day.

My itinerary include :

  • Fruits Park : Fruit picking at Togokusan
  • Old Town : Magome, Takayama
  • Festival Museum:Yatai Kaikan Takayama/ Festival museum
  • Art Museum :Masumoto Art Museum
  • Artist : Yayoi Kusama
  • Car Museum : Toyota Car Museum
  • Unseco : Shirakawa-go, Ogimachi Village
  • Castle : Matsumoto Castle
  • Lake : Yamanaka Lake
  • Mountain : Mount Fuji & Kurobe Alpine
  • Dam : Kurobe Dam
  • Hot Spring : Hakone Onsen
  • Shopping : Odawara

Food Guide in Chubu Japan/Central Japan :

  • Takayama Ramen (Takayama Prefecture) – Common toppings for Takayama ramen include char siu pork, bamboo shoots and scallions.
  • Hida Beef (Hida)- High quality breed of wagyu black haired cattle raised in Gifu, tender and juicy.
  • Tatami Iwashi (Tokai )- A thin, cracker like sheet of baby sardines that has been sun dried, cut into smaller pieces. Good to have it with beer or sake.
  • Unagi/Eel (Shizuoka Prefecture) – Una ju or Unadon roasted eel on top of rice.
  • Miso-katsu (Aichi Prefecture) – Crispy fried tonkatsu with miso paste.
  • Houtou (Yamanashi Prefecture) – Wheat flour noodles cooked with pumpkin or other vegetables in miso soup. Noodle is wider and flatter than regular noodels.

Day 1 – Itinerary Nagoya – Gifu

  • Arrived at Nagoya Airport – 8am
  • Togokusan Fruits Park/東谷山フルーツパーク
  • Magome/馬籠
  • Hotel Route Inn Nakatsugawa/中津川 in Gifu/岐阜

Day 2 – Itinerary – Takayama

Day 3 – Itinerary – Toyama

Day 4 – Itinerary – Tateyama

DAY 5 – Itinerary – Matsumoto City

Day 6 – Itinerary – Mt Fuji, Yamanashi

Day 7 – Itinerary – Hakone

Day 8 – Itinerary- Nagoya

Day 9 – Itinerary Nagoya Airport

  • Nagoya Airport

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  1. This is so awesome! I believe that to get to know a place, it’s better to drive around it… you see way more. I also like to see smaller towns that show the culture than big cities full of tourists.

  2. Road trips are the best. They give you the opportunity to really see and experience the various places. You look like you had a wonderful time.

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