Club Med Experience Cherating Kuantan Malaysia

Club Med Experience – Cherating Kuantan Malaysia

I learn about Club Med from Larry, my ex-colleague.  After hearing his wonderful experience I booked my next vacation destination in Club Med Cherating!

Arabian Bay Resort Bukit Gambang Resort City

We stayed over in Arabian Bay Resort Bukit Gambang Resort City before going to Club Med Cherating Kuantan.  This hotel is located in Gambang town in Kuantan, Pahang.  From Singapore to Kuantan took us more than 6 hours as we had few stops in the Plus highway for toilet and Baskin Robbins Ice-cream break.

Once you see the gateway arch with “Selamat Datang  Bukit Gambang Resort City”  means Welcome to  Bukit Gambang Resort City, you know you found the resort.  The above picture was taken on the way out, that’s why it shows ” Selamat Jalan” – mean “Goodbye”.

This is a resort city where you can stay 1-2 days to explore.  The resort city has 2 hotels with different theme, Arabian and Caribbean.  We was staying in the Arabian resort.  Nearby there are few theme park you can explore, the Bukit Gambang Safari Park and the Bukit Gambang Resort City- Water Park.  There is feeder bus to bring you there.

We arrived the hotel in the evening and had our dinner in the hotel as we were too tired to go out to search for food.  The restaurant is decorated in the Arabian theme.  Not sure why the hotel is quite empty, may be it was not the peak season or may be we had our dinner quite late that day.

The hotel layout outside the pool area.

Some housing estate outside the Bukit Gambang Resort City.  The housing estate is still under development and no tenant as yet.  I find the housing look quite pretty painted in different colors so took a picture.

Kuantan River

We took a break at the Kuantan River before heading to Cherating.  You can actually try out the Day trip Cruise cost RM 20 each and it brings you to some fishing village nearby.  There is also evening firefly cruise which cost more expensive RM 55 each, only leaves at night.

Club Med Cherating Kuantan Malaysia

It was my first experience in Club Med.  I heard from friends telling me how fun and interesting Club Med is so I decided to try out once.

Upon check in the Club Med, we were welcome by the staff, they were called G.O known as Gentil Organisateu.  The G.O are very passionate on their job and treat guests with their warmest smile and greeting.  G.O are from different nationalities and came from different countries around the globe.  It is really nice to see all working so well together just like a big family under one roof.

We were given schedule of all the activities for the 3 days, so first thing to do is sit down and plan your activities daily so that you will not miss any activities and enjoy the most out of it.

Kampong Style Chalet

Once we checked in, we were given a blue ribbon to tie on our hands for the 3 days.  The above picture show our accommodation in Club Med, kampong style chalet.  We were told to locked our door properly when we going out because naughty monkey will steal thing especially food if the door and window is unlocked.

Open Bar at the entrance in main resort

There are also cocktails in different colors for you to order free flow.  We basically tried all the cocktail in the menu during the 3 days stay.  You can order drinks from the bar till midnight.

Tennis Facilities and other ball courts

There are many things you could do in Club Med and you need to plan your time for each activities.  Since it was almost evening when we checked in, so we just went for some tennis in Club Med.  There are rackets and ball available but you can always bring your own if you are a serious player.

There are also basketball courts and badminton courts beside Tennis.

Club Med beach at main resort

Club Med Cherating Beach is located along the eastern coastline of Malaysia, the beach in Club Med is private, no outsider is allowed to use their beach except their guest.   If you are thinking of some quiet time, walking on the beach or doing yoga on the beach would be great for some private moment.  If you look at the timetable given, there is yoga or Pilate lessons where you can join in the morning and evening.

Acrobat lesson – flying trapeze

If you want something challenging and you are not afraid of height, try acrobat lesson.  Lesson given by the G.O who is very experience and also safety harness is secure in your body before you try the somersault.  There is a safety net below act as a second protection.


Snooker game 

There is a snooker table at the kids’ club.  You may want to try few games to avoid to heat outside.

Treetop Experience

The treetop experience was pretty fun but I think you need certain physical strength for this challenging outdoor sport.  Go there early in the morning to avoid the crowd and avoid the heat.

Even if you fall, there is a safety harness protecting you from falling to the ground.  Balancing on the string was not an easy task, it uses a lot of your core muscle to walk on the string.  The above picture was only one string which is the hardest I find as compare to the below picture  – 2 strings which make it easier.

Net climbing – I just climbed horizontally to reach the other end to clear the obstacle with plenty of sweating.

Archery lesson

The G.O who taught us archery was from Philippines but he can speak few languages, some Malay, Chinese and Japanese.  Getting in touch with archery was my first.  I never tried that before, I did not know you need to have some strength to pull the string away from you to shoot.

Not bad after few tries, managed to shoot inside the target.  If you think you are good enough, you can join the adult tournament at 5 pm and win some medals for souvenir.

Club Med Zen Pool – Adult only

You can take a 5 min tram from the main resort to the Zen Pool, no children is allowed in this area.  If you have children, your children would be probably busy with activities with other kids around the world and being taken good care by the G.O.

This area is really peaceful, overseeing infinity pool facing the sea.  You can take a nap under this bed and no small children will disturb you.   All you can hear is the sound of the wave.  You can have some Zen moment or sun tanning.

Gymboss timer

You may notice I am wearing some sort of a huge watch on my right wrist. It is called Gymboss timer. If you are a fan of workout, you may want to consider getting one of this cool and useful gadget which is capable of timing your workout interval on track. This is super useful when you are doing plyometrics or HIIT or Tabata workout which will help you count the 30-60’s of interval, depend how much longer you want to set your interval. It is so much productive than a stopwatch because you do not have to reset every time you finish a set of exercise. The Gymboss time allow me to do my workout circuit smoothly, without delays between intervals and focus to get more intense and more effective, especially when I incorporated my resistance training and my plyometrics in my workout routine. It is also very useful when I do my stretching, to set certain time interval for every stretch.

You can set up your Gymboss Timer with a beep or vibration or both. It also has a watch function.

This is my second Gymboss Timer, previously I owned a pink Gymboss Timer but this time I like to have a change and ordered a blue and yellow color which can match very nicely to most of my exercise outfit. You can order a strap to wear like a watch or you can just clip at your shirt or pants.

Rembulan Restaurant – A la Carte style Fine Dining

Unlike the restaurant in the main resort which is Buffet style, this one you have to quickly make a booking once you had your breakfast in the main resort. This restaurant is very popular and the seats are fully book very fast.

By the way, in case you don’t know, all food are included in Club Med, breakfast , lunch and dinner and you can choose any restaurant you wish you dine in.  There is a noodle bar which open after lunch hours from 2.30 pm to 6 pm, you can always try different kind of noodles in the noodles bars after lunch hour.

Pantai Beach opposite of Rembulan Restaurant

Pantai Beach is the 400 yards golden sand beach where you can walk comfortably with barefoot and feel the sands running through your toes.  No outsiders or children running around in this secluded beach.  You have have the beach all by yourself.

Rock Climbing on cliff

Check out the time table for Club Med rock climbing and try out on the rocky cliff.  It is located in Pantai Beach right after you align from the tram, before entering the Zen area.  Below picture is only a posing to pretend I am climbing, it was not operating when I was there in the morning, only operating in the evening.  Plan your timetable wisely.

Kids performances in the Theater

At night you will see your kids performing like a real professional artist on the stage.  You would actually get really impressed to see how well your kids can do just after few hours of training during the day with the G.O

Final Night Party

On the final night, the G.O changed to their most trendy outfit, no more uniforms and bidding farewell to us, singing and dancing on the stage.  I am quite amazed with G.O’s multi-talent, in day they are waiters and waitresses, nanny, baby sitters, teachers, coaches, and at night they turn into professional dancer, singer, actor, actress, acrobats and celebrities!

Final party before we depart the following day.   Big toasting with champagne.

Some tips to share

From my experience, it is better to take a flight into Kuantan rather than driving from Singapore.  Airport transfer can be arranged by the Club Med staff, that way you save more time.

Club Med experience is for people of all ages.  If you have family and friends, it is always a good bonding experience together in club med.  If you are alone, don’t worry, there are always friendly G.O sit next to you when you have your meals.  Club Med is the place to meet new friends, new people around the world and let your kids to mingle around with the children coming from different background and different nationalities.

Oh yes, do not forget to bring along insects spray and sun screen.  A lot of hungry mosquitoes at night!!


  • Arabian Bay Resort Bukit Gambang Resort City
  • Kuantan River
  • Club Med Cherating Kuantan Malaysia
    • Kampong Style Chalet
    • Open Bar at the entrance in main resort
    • Tennis Facilities
    • Beach at main resort
    • Acrobat lesson – flying trapeze
    • Snooker game 
    • Treetop Experience
    • Archery lesson
    • Club Med Zen Pool – Adult only
    • Rembulan Restaurant – A la Carte style Fine Dining
    • Secluded Pantai Beach opposite of Rembulan Restaurant
    • Rock Climbing on cliff
    • Kids performances in the Theater
    • Final Night Party

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