Malaysia : Lexis Hibiscus at Port Dickson

Dubai has Palm Island, Port Dickson boasts a “Hibiscus Island” which has a great landscape of a hibiscus flower shape if you seen from above. Want a short getaway? Go check out the Hibiscus Island!It is only 3.5 hours from Singapore, providing there is no traffic jam on both side of the customs.

Air Keroh Highway R & R (rest area)

As usual, my trip normally stop for a break at the Malaysia highway for the local noodles. We ordered 3 kind of noodles; mee rebus, mee soto, asam laksa Malay style, each cost Rm 4.00.  Love the Malay stalls noodles on the highway.

Asam Laksa Malay style

As you can see the soup base is less darker compared to Penang Asam Laksa. It also tasted less sour and do not add in the black prawn sauce on top. Personally I prefer the asam laksa Malay style because it tasted similar to the Kuala Kangsa asam laksa which I first tasted since young.

More shops at Air Keroh Highway

There are many rest area along the highway in Malaysia but I usually stop at Air Keroh Highway as it has more shops to look at and many clean toilets.

Souvenirs and cookies tibits shops 

Baskin Robbins

Meal cannot be completed without Baskin Robbins.  I ordered a rainbow sorbet and mango mania flavor ice cream.

Clean Toilets 

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

This award winning iconic resort has many guests from around the world. Even though it was a Sunday check in, the hotel was packed with tourists from Taiwan, China and middle east.

Front Desk and the main lobby

The main lobby hall is very spacious and it was the timing of checking out so there were Hibiscus staffs dancing and greeting good bye to their guests.

Once we gotten the key, we rushed to check out the hotel room.  We were given a high rise hotel room which is good for us as we can see  the beautiful hibiscus view.  If you are staying at the villas, then won’t be able to enjoy the  hibiscus view but then you are closer to the sea.

Private pool at the balcony but we forgotten to bring our swimwear 🙂

Sky pool they called it.  It is quite small, not able to swim but you can soak and relax, have private time with your family members and love one.

There is a private pool and sauna room in each room.  The room is cater for 4 pax, 2 king size bed.

Bathroom and toilets are separated.  Inside the bathroom, there are shower and also a big white bathtub.  You can open up the shade and enjoy the waterfront view when you soak yourself inside this big bathtub.

2 King Size Bed for 4 pax

Complimentary snacks and soft drinks were provided.

The floor inside the hotel room has the hibiscus flower print on it, quite pretty.

Hibiscus Lexus has more things to do compare to Avani Sepang.  There is a ticketing booth, selling tickets for rental bikes, yoyo car, water sports, archery, Ninebot Segway and other sea activities.  Compare to Avani Sepang, the rental bike is free and more on first come first serve basis, in Lexis Hibiscus, the charges is a bit high, RM 20 for 30 mins.

Catching a free ride on the buggy to check on the hotel villas.  There are many buggy service bringing their guests to the hotel villa and it was a busy Sunday. I remembered the buggy bus running none stop, luckily there are more than 10 long buggy, which can sit up to 12 people.

The avant-garde Lexis Hibiscus has 2 portion, you can either stay at the high rise hotel room or villa. It has a stellar collection of 639 pool villas, comprising of 117 tower rooms and 522 striking seawater villas.  Personally I prefer to stay at the tower rooms as it offer better view and no need buggy services.  In peak hours buggy services may not be available and you may need to do some walking, especially during breakfast hour.

Map of Hibiscus Hotel

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson won the Guinness World Records for achieving “The Most Swimming Pools in a Resort” and “The Most Overwater Villas in Single Resort”.  I was running away from the dark sky, it was going to rain heavily.

Checking on villa facilities, it also has private pool. If you pull up the curtain in the villa, you may not have privacy.  People can look inside and watch what you doing. Just like what I did, watching a lady preparing some food in the kitchen.

Front door of the villa.  The pool is facing the sea so still have lots of privacy.

Lighthouse club

The Lighthouse Club, located at the middle of the petal, is a beautiful glass-clad circular building that caters to guests staying at the Panorama Pool Villas and the Suites. In another word, the Lighthouse Club is cater for the VIP guests only.

Circular Building in the Lighthouse from afar.

More sea activities at the beach.  You can book for a sunset cruise at RM50.00 or Fish Feeding Boat Activities at RM30.00 at the front desk in the main lobby.

If you think the pool inside your room is too small, you can always come down for the public pools.  There are two communal pools and you can enjoy a great swim workout in these big pools.

Umi Restaurant is the Japanese restaurants in Lexis Hibiscus.  Umi in Japanese mean Sea, so obviously this Japanese restaurant serve a lot of seafood and sashimi.  There is even a buffet at night cost around RM 85 ++

View from the hotel room at the balcony – sunset.

View from the top overseeing the other side of the hotel, at the entrance, overlooking the forest. There are both open space and indoor car parks available. Free parking.

Breakfast at Lexis Hibiscus

Don’t worry, there are plenty of food for everyone.  Good spread of breakfast. It was 7.30 am and the restaurant is already full of guests.  Since the crowd is so huge, they open the ballroom hall for their guests.

As usual, breakfast at Lexis Hibiscus serve local : Malay and Chinese corner and also international buffet.

Fish Feeding in Port Dickson

We went for a fish feeding activities on a speed boat.  It was about an hour ride altogether.  Since we booked for the early boat, 10 am the weather was not that hot.

The speed boat started slow at first when we were still around the villas but when it went up to the sea, the boat started to speed up and it was kind of scary and bumpy.  Beware of the water splashing and you may get wet.  Going away in the sea enable you to have a better view of the Hibiscus villa, a total different experience from the land.

We stopped at an area where there are many fishes and started feeding the fish with bread.  Some ‘ninja’ also did their private fishing with float boat.

Bigger cruise for sunset – cost RM 50.00

There are 2 type of cruise, one is the smaller speedboat called the fish feeding activities and the other is bigger cruise and they called it Cruise.  The cruise cost more, RM50.00 and it cruise at different direction from the fish feeding boat.

Live entertainment at the main lobby.

Nearby attractions :

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