China Shanghai Free & Easy – Summary Itinerary for 4 days 3 nights!

Shanghai is the most populous city in China with total population of 24 million people and now there may be more. When you come to visit Shanghai, you need to know this is the city of World Finance so expect a a lot skyscrapers and crowded with people especially when you are in the train station during peak hour.

It is also a fusion of modern and ancient. Modern attractions would be The Bund, Iconic Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Tower. The Ancient would be Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple and City God Temple.

Things in Shanghai is not cheap at all, expect the things & food cost around similar price in Singapore.  In fact, it is the most expensive city in China.

I have included the top attractions in Shanghai which you should not missed.  In Shanghai it is best to use public transport such as metro train or even taxi. Taxi is quite safe and the meter works well and no scammed! As you know Shanghai is the international city and people who lives in Shanghai is very cultured.

Click on each link to get an in-depth on how to go about Shanghai.

Part 1- How to get around in Shanghai Free and Easy

Activities : 

  • Taxi in Shanghai
  • Circular Pedestrian Bridge in Lujiazui, Shanghai
  • Disney store in Lujiazui
  • Night View of Oriental Pearl Tower
  • Night view from Lujiazui
  • Shanghai Metro
  • A must try cuisine in Shanghai – Xiaolongbao
  • Huang Pu River
  • China Pavilion in Expo
  • Expo Axis -world’s largest membrane construction
  • Shanghai Lupu Bridge
  • Shanghai Ferry

China Shanghai Free & Easy - Summary Itinerary for 4 days 3 nights!

Part 2 -Exploring the ancient and modern side of Shangai in a day

  • Hutong/胡同 in Shanghai
  • Yu yuan Garden
  • Chenghuangmiao/城隍庙 – City God Temple of Shanghai
  • Shanghai Old Street : what to buy
    • Scarf
    • Local Cosmetic – Xue Hua Gao
    • QiPao
    • Big Rabbit Candy
  • Traditional Door Knob
  • Gamble on Rocks 
  • Lujiazui – Modern Shanghai
  • Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Shanghai Tower
  • Jin Mao Tower
  • BASE Jumping from Jin Mao Tower
  • Mobike – Rental bike system in Shanghai City
  • Jinke Road Station/金科路站

China Shanghai Free & Easy - Summary Itinerary for 4 days 3 nights!

Part 3 – Eat, Shop, See in Shanghai

  • Bicycle Kingdom
  • Haibao/海宝 – Shanghai expo 2010 Mascot
  • People Square/人民 广场
  • Good eighth company on Nanjing road
  • Ode to the Eighth Company/八连颂 – by Mao Zedong
  • Nanjing Walking Street – Food to try :
    • Meat Skewers in Nanjing Walking street – Chuan /串儿  
    • Mountain hawthorn/ 山楂Shanzha
    • Moon cake with meat
    • Chinese Bacon/腊肉
    • Old Shanghai Yogurt Drink
  • People’s Park /人民公园 
  • Dinner – must try – steam sticky rice with salted duck
  • Hotel Review for Hongta Hotel Shanghai
  • Pudong Airport 

China Shanghai Free & Easy - Summary Itinerary for 4 days 3 nights!

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  1. Shanghai is one of those beautiful places you’ll never run out of options with. Whether it be good food, wonderful sights or just a nice and simple quality vacation time, it’s there.

  2. You make Shanghai sound gorgeous! I can’t believe 24 million people live there, wow what a statistic. I like that you shared some free transport details too. Great job.

  3. Shanghai sounds so amazing, I would love to visit Shanghai, it is so on top on my bucket list for Asia. The itinerary sounds great, love the pictures. The compilation of all the sights is so helpful, it looks like a lot for 4 days 🙂

  4. I have always wanted to go to Shanghai! I’m so glad you put together your recommendations for a trip. Amazing this could all be done in less than a week. Such gorgeous sights!

  5. Shanghai is definitely a destination in my bucket list (there are so many!) This is an excellent itinerary and I will be pinning it to have it in mind!

  6. I wanna visit Shanghai someday! Lately I’ve been following an American-Chinese blogger and she is showing so much about Shanghai! Thank you for sharing this, will bookmark it for future reference! <3

  7. It’s my dream to be able to travel to China (Shanghai and Beijing) one day for work aka filming over there! Having your itinerary give me a better idea of what’s going on there!

  8. This is such a beautiful post. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Shanghai and you really helped me explore the city, the food and culture with this post. I love the pictures you added to all the different parts of this write up. Fantastic and mesmerising. Thanks so much for sharing x

  9. I really hope to visit Shanghai one day. It’s been on my travel list for years, but the super long flight makes it difficult to plan. Although having seen this amazing list of things to do, I might need to start pushing that trip a bit harder.

  10. Wowza! 24 million people in this little area and I can see it in four days? Thanks so much for the highlights as they will give me a place to start having never been. You are an amazing jet setter & I want to come! Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence

  11. Shanghai sounds like an amazing place to visit – thanks for sharing your recommendations of things to see and do – such a big city could easily become overwhelming without such tips 🙂

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