Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

If you are in Santa Barbara then you have to include Old Mission Town into your itinerary. It is nicknamed “Queen of the Missions”, also one of the historical landmark for centuries.

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

Old Mission is also a retreat center with guest rooms, conference rooms, a fully equipped commercial kitchen and dining room, a beautiful church, a museum, cemetery and a small gift shop all located in the ten acres of nicely maintained landscaped gardens.

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

Background History of Old Mission Town

Old Mission Santa Barbara was founded in 1786 by the Spanish Franciscans. The present church was built in 1820. Now the Old Mission is a standing monument that reflects California’s rich cultural diversity. Mexican, Spanish, English, Asian, Chumash (the American Indian that lives in southern California) all played an vital role in Mission’s history.

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

Tours at Old Mission Santa Barbara :

There are three kind of tour options you can choose from :

1. Self Guided Tours – explore the grounds at your own pace, cost less than $10

2. Public Docent-Led Tours – Tours are led on a first come first serve basis by an experienced guide, cost $13

3. Private Docent-Led Tours – You can have your own private tour if you are traveling in a groups. Min pax is 10 and 2 weeks booking in advance. Cost $13

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

The Old Mission is set on a hill, park your car and do a little walking uphill. What you see at the front is a big gardens with beautiful plants and well-trimmed lawn. There is also a fountain located at the front of the museum and gift shop.

Getting There :

Mission Santa Barbara is located about 5 minutes off the 101 Freeway. There are signs from the freeway directing you to the mission.  Easy to find.  There is a large parking lot so you shouldn’t have trouble finding parking.

Located at 2201 Laguna Street, is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

Final thoughts:

Old Mission is a must stop if you happen to be in Santa Barbara. It is a good place to check out the stunning old architecture and most importantly learn about California history. Very comfortable self guided tour and walk around this beautiful Old Mission for couple of hours.

Old Mission Santa Barbara, California USA

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  1. Looks like a great place to visit. I’ll definitely go here one day with my family. This is truly a bucket lists material.

  2. Santa Barbara looks fun. I would love to learn about the California history and see some of those beautiful buildings.

  3. Santa Barbara for me is severely underrated. With what I’ve seen even from other posts, the place just looks majestic and exciting. I don’t even have to worry about seeing a more modern side. It’s just like classic America.

  4. We used to live not too far from Santa Barbara, but I’ve never been to Old Mission. How breathtaking! I love the architecture and the overall vibe. Gorgeous!

  5. Santa Barbara looks like a gorgeous place to visit and explore. The weather you had looks perfect and I adore the pop of yellow in your outfit.

  6. How amazing! I recognize very well the Spanish 19th century architecture! Most historic building s in my home country were built around the same period and are very similar to this one. I’d love to visit Santa Barbara one day!

  7. This seems like a place my gf would go if she’s on a media trip. If we were to go together, i think she would definitely not want to visit as she doesn’t like stuff where she don’t know what to expect. But with your article, I can try to see if she can go with me in future!

  8. This sounds like an amazing place to visit. I have a long list of places I would love to see and experience for myself, I will add this to my list ,it looks beautiful.

  9. First thing first: the skies were sooo blue! Secondly i love steps, corridors, doorways. The places in your pictures are so exciting, have added them into my bucket list vacation destination to check out!

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