Getting fit in Singapore Chinese Garden

Don’t know where to go for a nice walk or run?  Why not check out the beautiful Singapore Chinese Garden.  It is spacious, clean, serene and calm place. The Chinese name is called 裕华园/Yu Hua Yuan.

Singapore Chinese Garden

At the entrance, there is a map showing all the spots of attraction.  In total, there are 15 spots, go explore one by one.

  1. West Main Entrance
  2. White Rainbow Bridge
  3. Twin Pagodas
  4. Garden Courtyard
  5. Fishes Paradise
  6. Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum
  7. Tea House Pavilion
  8. 7 Storey Pagoda
  9. Garden of Abundance
  10. Stone Boat
  11. Confucius Statue
  12. 8 Heroes
  13. Bonsai Garden
  14. Bamboo Green
  15. Bridge Link to Japanese Garden

Singapore Chinese Garden Map

1.West Main Entrance

If you coming by car, park your vehicle outside the West Main Entrance.  It is only one minute away from the West Main Entrance.

Singapore Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden here is built in 1975 by a Taiwanese architect.   This garden is following and modeled the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscape. You would find familiar landscape like the one you saw in Beijing and northern part of China if you have been to those places.  Even if you don’t, this is a great place for you to explore.

2. White Rainbow Bridge

White Rainbow Bridge in Singapore Chinese Garden

The White Rainbow Bridge is following the model of the Summer Palace of Beijing, except shorter.  If you are Amazing Race fan, then you will notice this is the spot for the finishing line for Amazing Race Asia 2.

White Rainbow Bridge in Singapore Chinese Garden

3.Twin Pagoda

Twin Pagoda in Singapore Chinese Garden

A taller and a shorter pagoda stands side by side, you can watch the sunset here.  Chinese garden normally have twin pagodas, just like the Sun and Moon Twin Pagoda in Guilin.

Singapore Chinese Garden

4.Garden Courtyard

Garden Courtyard in Singapore Chinese Garden

Best time to visit Chinese Garden is in the evening when the weather is cooler.

Garden Courtyard in Singapore Chinese Garden

5. Fishes Paradise

Fishes Paradise in Singapore Chinese Garden

6. Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum in Singapore Chinese Garden

There is an entrance fees for the Live Turtle Museum.  If you are coming with young children, they will sure enjoy seeing the various collection of live turtles in this museum.  Young children can also feed and play with the turtles.

Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum in Singapore Chinese Garden

  • Admission : SGD 5.00
  • Operating Hour : 9 am to 6 pm

Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum in Singapore Chinese Garden

Moon Gate

You will always find a moon gate in Chinese Garden as this is a signature. The gates were originally only found in the gardens of wealthy Chinese upper class.  It is also a serve as an inviting entrance for their guests.

Moon Gate

7.Tea House Pavilion

Tea House is a miniature structure following the style of the elaborate, winding gallery at the Summer Palace of Beijing.  Best spot for photo opportunities!

Tea House Pavilion in Singapore Chinese Garden

8.  Seven Storey Pagoda

7 Story Pagoda is located at slightly higher place, a hill.  Walk up and try conquer the 7 storey if you are fit to climb.

7 Storey Pagoda in Singapore Chinese Garden

9. Garden of Abundance

Garden of Abundance in Singapore Chinese Garden

Garden of Abundance is only built in 2002. It has a collection of stone sculptures of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. If you come with young children, bring them to spot their own Zodiac animals.

Garden of Abundance in Singapore Chinese Garden

10. Stone Boat

The style of the Stone Boat in the Chinese Garden is based on the Peking style, beautifully sit in the water.

Stone Boat in Singapore Chinese Garden

11. Confucius Statue

Statue of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher during 551 BC -479 BC can be found in the park.

Confucius in Singapore Chinese Garden

12. Eight Heroes

The 8 Chinese Legendary Heroes are stone sculptures showing famous heroes from the past.

  1. Confucius /孔子– a famous Chinese philosopher, this is the second statue but smaller in Chinese Garden.
  2. Qu Yuan /屈原– Thanks to him, we have Dragon Boat Festival and dumpling festival.
  3. Guan Yu /关羽- a general serving Liu Bei/刘备 from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms/三国演义
  4.  Hua Mulan /花木兰– Woman warrior who pretend to be a guy and join the army, to    replace his dad as he was too old to join Army
  5. Yue Fei /岳飞– A tattoo guy at his back, done by his mother.
  6. Wen Tianxiang/文天祥  – A scholar-general who is well-known for his patriotism and righteousness in China.
  7. Zheng He /郑和– A Chinese explorer, admiral who came to Southeast Asia with his large ships.
  8. Lin Zexu /林则徐– A Chinese Scholar of the Qing Dynasty best know for his role in the First Opium War.

8 Heroes in Singapore Chinese Garden

13. Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden in Singapore Chinese Garden

It has a collection of 2,000 bonsai from China and all over the world.  If you are bonsai lover, go check out this place.  It close at 6 pm.

Bonsai Garden in Singapore Chinese Garden

14. Bamboo Green

Bamboo Green in Singapore Chinese Garden

Few turtles in the pond saying hello to me while I passed by these rocks bridge in Bamboo Green.

15. Bridge link to Japanese Garden

Bridge link to Japanese Garden

There are many things you can do in Chinese Garden and it is a place for all ages.  Getting fit is not the only thing you can do in Singapore Chinese Garden, still plenty of stuff.



If you don’t feel like running you can choose to cycle here.  Pretty smooth pathway to cycle around.  Rent a bike from Mobike if you don’t have a bike.

Buddy chatting quiet moment time

Chatting and relax with friends under big shady trees beside the water, quite cooling.

Dating & Photography

Reptiles and Birds Watching

Picnic & Gaming 

College students were having so much fun playing games, I could hear lots of laughter and cheer!

Cosplay in Chinese Garden

Families and friends social gathering


Staring at the pond and stay dreaming like I always do 🙂

Washroom Facilities

Six location of clean toilets are available at  this 13.5-hectare garden.

How to get here?

  • By MRT – Alight at Chinese Garden Station on the East-West line. It’s a 5-minute walk to the Chinese Garden.
  • By Car, park outside of the West Main Entrance
  • Admission is free

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