Marina Barrage – Singapore New lifestyle attractions

Coming to Marina Barrage in the evening is the best timing as the weather get cooler.  It was a perfect timing when I reached here.  The first thing that caught my attention was the flying kites.  I guess it is one of the best place in Singapore to do kites-flying activities.

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage’s wide open space should be the most suitable location for flying kites in Singapore. It happened to be the eighth annual kite flying festival when I was there on Sunday 30 July. The kite flying festival was organised by national water PUB and the Singapore Kite Association.

Marina Barrage

When you look up, you would see many type of kites, the easy to fly are kites with diamond shapes & delta shapes, more complicated design would be giant centipedes or long dragon.

Marina Barrage

This part of the water is the open sea which has darker blue water.

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is a water dam in Singapore built in 2008, it was Singapore’s 15th reservoir. The purpose is to helps to store water, flood control and on top of that a new lifestyle attraction to Singaporean.

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage also acts as a tidal barrier to keep seawater out, the one you saw here are all seawater.

Marina Barrage

A divider separate the sea water and the fresh water from the reservoir on the left.

Marina Barrage

Water is always been a precious resource to Singapore.  Singaporean has to find way to self-sufficient and to capture every drop of rain that fell on the island.  So we have Singapore 15th reservoirs – Marina Barrage!

Marina Barrage

Enjoying a sunset view – seeing the skyline of Singapore, including Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sand Hotel, Esplanade Singapore & Garden by the Bay.

Marina Barrage Bridge

Singapore Skyline

This part of the water is the reservoir water, an ideal place for water activities such as kayaking, dragon boat, rowing and sailing.

Marina Barrage

Great outdoor for Cyclists and Runners

Runners and cyclists would love this place as it has a very good pathway to walk or cycle.  And the bridge is very spacious!

Marina Barrage Bridge

PUB – Marina Barrage Building

Marina Barrage

Green Roof of Marina Barrage

Don’t forget to go rooftop of PUB – Marina Barrage building which offer a panoramic view of Singapore city Skyline and open sea.  There is a lift to bring you up to the rooftop, or you can also walk all the steps up.

Marina Barrage PUB Green Roof

You will be surprised the green roof is so huge that has the size of four football fields. Many were having parties, picnics, bringing their children, grandparents, dogs here to enjoy a great Sunday evening.

View from the 2nd floor of Marina Barrage Green Roof with an overall view of the bridge.

In the below picture, you will notice the color of the water look very different from both side.  I am sure you are able to see the difference now and are able to spot which one is seawater and which is reservoir water.

Marina Barrage

Other side of the view from Green roof – some fountains.  The fountains has some flashing lights at night.  It is very pretty when the night turn dark, you would see the night view of Singapore skyline!

Fountains in Marina Barrage

Burpee Workout at Marina Barrack – Fitness tips

Saw a happy group of people were doing burpee workout. Burpee are great for you but can be very explosive, which is good for you 🙂 . In every rep, you will work your upper and lower body, literally is a whole body workout.  The benefits of doing burpee is you can do it anywhere, without an equipment, in your hotel room, beach or outdoor park.  It helps burn fats and lift up your mood. I usually incorporated Burpee into my weight training sessions as I wanted to have my heart rate up when I am lifting.  It is also called the King of all exercise – Burpee!

Getting fit in Marina Barrack Green Roof PUB Building

How to get here ?

  • Exit from Marina Bay MRT Station (NS27). Turn at road junction and continue straight. Board SBS Bus 400 or Marina Barrage Shuttle Bus from the bus stop 5 mins walk away from the MRT Station.
  • Car park : 260 Marina Way, S(018976)

Fashion theme – polka dots inspired by Kusama Yayoi

  • Playing with polka dots from top to bottom – you never get too much of them 🙂

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