Receive Your Luck at Fountain of Wealth Suntec City Singapore

Suntec City Singapore

The top attraction is the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City and today I am going to experience it myself on this spectacular fountain.  This fountain is recorded in most Singapore guidebook and most tourists would rush here to receive their luck!

Suntec City Singapore

Map at Car Park

Do remember to take a picture at where you park your car as the car park is very big.

Suntec City Singapore

There are plenty of signboard to show and lead you to the Fountain of Wealth.  Don’t worry, you will not get lost but here are plenty of walking within the Suntec City Shopping Centre.  After 10 mins walking in the Shopping Centre and I have finally found the Fountain of Wealth.  However, I was shocked to see there was a queue to enter at the Fountain of Wealth.  The queue was fast, only took me 10 mins waiting time.  The Queue were a group of Japanese tourists.

Suntec City Singapore

Fortune Walk 

The first thing you need to do once enter the Fountain of Wealth is to walk and circle the fountain three times and touch the water in order to receive good luck and blessings.

Suntec City Singapore

Timing for Fortune Walk with touch of water :

  • Daily :10am – 12pm | 2pm – 4pm | 6pm – 7.30pm
  • Admission : Free

The Iconic Bronze Ring

The bronze ring of the fountain is designed based on the Hindu Mandala, meaning universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and further symbolises the equality and harmony of all races and religions in Singapore. A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”.

Fountain of Wealth Suntec City Singapore

Five Finger Mountain

You will also notice there are 5 buildings surrounding the Fountain of Wealth. It meant to be representing the Wuzhishan/Five Finger Mountain. The five tower blocks represent the fingers and thumb of a left hand emerging from the ground, the fountain forms the palm of the hand.

Suntec City Singapore

Tower Three & Four

The buildings do look like “fingers”? Look at the top of the buildings.

Suntec City Singapore

Tower Five

I guess Tower Five representing the thumb.

Suntec City Singapore

Circling three times while hand touching the water at all times to receive good luck and wealth.

Fountain of Wealth Suntec City Singapore

Feng Shui Essentials

Feng shui played a part in the ideas behind the workings of the fountain as the act of water flowing inward was meant to signify incoming wealth and riches.

Suntec City Singapore

World’s Largest Fountain by Guinness Book of World Records 1998

The Fountain of Wealth is recognised since 1998 by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Fountain.  This fountain get even better at night when more water cascading down from the ring at the top with multi color laser show but now the night session has been discontinued until further notice.

Fountain of Wealth Suntec City Singapore

2 Viewing spot

You can enter the Fountain of Wealth or view it from the top.  What I did was, I first enter the Fountain of Wealth and circling three times while touching the water in order to receive good lucks.  Then I moved to the top to enjoy a better view of the whole fountain.

Staircase to lead you up of the Fountain of Wealth.

Suntec City Singapore

Singapore Ducktours

For tourists who like to have the Ducktours ride, both water and land tour, Suntec City is the place to get your tickets.

Ducktour Singapore

Ducktours start at Suntec City as it first stop.  Then it will bring you to most historical and iconic landmarks both land and water.  The most exciting part of the Ducktour moment is when the ride from land enter the water where you can see and experience big splashes of water.

Ducktour Singapore

The Original DUCKtours Singapore

Singapore Sightseeing Tour Bus

If you don’t like Ducktour, there is other option such as Singapore Sightseeing Bus. You can get your ticket here at Suntec too.

Suntec City Singapore

HiPPO Bus Morning City Tour

HiPPO Bus Moonlight Adventure

The Singapore Story: HiPPO Spin

HiPPO Night City Tour

Suntec City Indoor Shopping Paradise

Suntec City is also a mall full of nice restaurants and shopping.  If you want to avoid the heat outside, you can also walk indoor whole day in Suntec and it has basically everything from fashion, electronics, groceries shopping and international restaurants.

Suntec City Singapore

Sichuan Kungfu Fish/麻省理功 

Food Republic  Food Court

There is a food court at the basement where you can choose variety of local delights.

Suntec City Singapore - Food Republic

SF Fruits and Juices Store

SF fruits and juice store at Suntec City Singapore

Giant Hypermarket

Giant Hypermarket Suntec City Singapore

Suntec Convention Centre

Suntec expo at Suntec City Singapore

The convention centre has hosted numerous local and international events, from consumer/tradeshows to exhibitions and conferences.  The all favorite travel fair also held here at Suntec.

How to get here :

  • Esplanade MRT

Other places of Interest nearby :

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