Highways House B&B @ Bath UK – Hotel Review

Highways House Bath UK

I had a night stay at Highways House B&B in Bath during my last visit to UK in June 2017.  It was a unforgettable experience for me as I usually stay in hotel.  The minutes I saw Highways House, I was really attracted by the look and feel of the house, really charming!

Charming Victorian Style House

Highways House Bath UK

Entrance of Highways House B&B

The Victorian style house looks like over 100 years old but still look gorgeous from the outside, located at the hillside of Bath. There is a small garden outside the Highways House, which is neat and cosy!  Below picture is the entrance for Highway House, watch out for the steps at the door.

Highways House Bath UK

Tips :  If you are visiting Bath, do check in to Highways House first before you go visit Roman Bath Museum, that way you get to enjoy discounted tickets for Roman Bath Museum.  Just show the keys of Highways House to the Roman Bath Museum ticketing before purchasing your tickets to enjoy the discount.

Highways House Bath UK

Bus Stop Across The Road

Bus stop is just opposite Highways House, pretty convenient if you need to take public transport.

Highways House Bath UK

View from the room in Highways House

Highways House Bath UK

Breakfast serve in the morning at Highway House

Highways House Bath UK

Fresh & Hot English Breakfast

What I like about their breakfast is lady will come to take down your order, then  she will go in and cook it for you.  So you will receive a really fresh and hot English breakfast.  There are also free flow of fruits and drinks and cereal for you to pick it up.

Highways House Bath UK

Cosy Setting

Sitting at one of the corner in Highways House second floor.  The interior of the Highways House is decorated nicely with paintings and nice ceramic vase and some antiques.

Highways House Bath UK

Car Park at Highways House

This is a good time to train you parking skill, the space is limited and you need to park nicely.  What make it more challenging is parking at the small pebbles.

Highways House Bath UK

Final thoughts :

Overall this is an unusual experience for me to stay in B&B, I would rate the interior and exterior of the building looking charming.  Clean and comfortable. Breakfast is awesome as they will only make your order once taken down what you like to eat in their menu.  Take about 10 mins for your order to arrive on your table.  Breakfast area has about 4 small tables which is nicely decorated with clean table cloth and fresh flowers.  There are in total 7 bedrooms in Highways House with wifi, tv, dryer and clean towers. Parking is free but the parking space is covered with small pebble stones.

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  1. I’ve been to bath a couple of times and I’ve loved it every time. Beautiful town and warm people. I do love me a full English breakfast 🙂 Gorgeous post with beautiful pictures to go with it. Thanks so much for sharing this x

  2. Great info about this B&B that will surely provide travelers an idea of what to expect. The house looks fortified and charming. With the convenience of public transportation, I would think this is a great location to stay, making it easy to zip around when as we choose. Thank you for this. Saving and sharing <3 Evelyn

  3. This looks absolutely charming. The UK is one of the only countries where I always pick B&B’s over hotels. I love how walk-able the cities are and how easy it is to figure out the public transit.

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